Loves Fashion & Writing
& Meditating


The Beach: Where I remember my wholeness

Paris & Maldives

10. Fav place I've travelled

Generator, 6/2 

6. My human design & profile

Live on land with horses by the water

5. Some day I want to:

Jesus, Deepak Chopra, my mama, Princess Dianna, Mother Teresa (hubby will be hosting with me)

4. 5 people you would invite to a dinner party, dead or alive


2. Fav documentary

Meditate, Celery Juice, Laugh, Write

1. 4 daily promises 
7. Dosha


The Beach

3. Fav place


8. My Dharma Archetype is:

Sun - Virgo
Moon - Sagittarius
Rising - Capricorn

9. My Astrology signs


12. Fav. Instagrammer

 Blake Lively

11. Role Model


10. Sweet or Salty?

Zac Efron

9. Celeb Crush


8. Take my money...

Beach House

7. Favorite Band

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Time to reveal a few of my favourite things. See anything we have in common?

The Quiz


books i have 


How many children i have


The year I started Story and co


Countries I have traveled to 


By the

Explore Iceland, Jamaica, Glastonbury, Egypt

White Christmas with hubby and the kids

Sail on a yacht in St Barts or Croatia

Visit the Great Wall of China

Attend Fashion Week (bonus New York and/or Paris)

Live on land with horses by the water with my loves

Each day I start with an intention. Each season I create 3 intentions. Each year I choose a word to guide me.
I name my 7 year cycle which I am currently in: GENTLE.


Word 2021:
on my

bucket list

what people have to say

about jo

"I am in awe of you Jo and all your wisdom. You have a raw honesty as well, too many mothers are afraid to be honest in how they are coping, your honesty breaks down other’s walls. I’ve been struggling the last few days knowing I need to get more disciplined with our schedule/work routine with COVID-19 isolation now working from home, home schooling our twin 8 yr old boys and nurturing our 1 yr old boy all with being 8 months pregnant but struggling with where to start and feeling like I’m failing. THANK YOU, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN for sharing your experienced knowledge! You have inspired me to put my big girl pants on and get on top of our new routined life in a creative, fun way!"

“We’ve found that implementing a daily routine (using Story & Co Planners) at home helps to keep us sane. Our day is varied, it’s not a case of ‘ah what’re we doing now?’ It’s a gentle flow that moves through the day. My husband and I are also working from home so we have a seperate guide for who does what and when. Don’t forget to pop some time in for yourselves!”

"Jo from Story & Co is my best friend! She doesn’t know it yet (or me!) and iso is really screwing with my game! But her wellbeing book on parenthood and helping kids nurture their social and emotional wellbeing is freakin’ fabulous. If you buy just one book this year, make it this one. And while you’re there, say hi from Tori."

"Hey Jo, I’ve been meaning to reach out and say what an amazing book you’ve put together – can’t tell you how much I’ve been enjoying the activities I’m doing with Louis. Such a gorgeous book… Compassion, self love and gratitude filled with lots of important lessons. It’s prompted so many beautiful shared moments already."

Angie from @urbanbrewpods

"You are seriously amazing giving us all of these incredible resources. So kind hearted."