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June 1, 2021

How To Start Manifesting Your Dream Life


A conversation about conscious parenting


HOw to manifest 
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By Jo Zammit

Ok, are you ready for the next level??? You have unlearnt and let go of limiting beliefs, maybe you have forgiven or remembered who you truly are. You have self-healed and met your inner child and you are ready to manifest from a place that is authentically you. I would only suggest manifesting once you are aware and have unlearnt and self-healed otherwise you will just be manifesting from a conditioned mindset and what you manifest won’t bring you peace or contentment.

New Moon is happening which is all about co-creation and manifesting the life of our dreams. So you can do this during the New Moon (which will provide you with that extra support from the Universe) or you can do this at any time. 

It has been heavily researched and proved that the Quantum field does not know the difference between imagination and reality. It is your reality anyway, isn’t it? So when you manifest and you get caught up thinking, is this just my imagination, how can this work? Remember the Universe / Quantum field will only bring to you what you are FEELING. 

You have been manifesting from the moment you were born. It is the easiest thing to do and you do it every day. You vibrate and attract what is inside of you and how you are feeling. So choose and affirm how you want to feel and FEEL IT now. Don’t wait or attach yourself to the outcome or the destination, feel it now and allow the Universe to bring to you exactly what you need, remember it has your back. 

If you want to watch my vlog on this, explaining how I have manifested my soul mate, my children, my career and complete contentment in my life and stories from others watch it here. 

How to manifest:

  1. Unlearn – conditioning and limiting beliefs (for extra support do this during the full moon, you can read more about it here)
  2. Self-heal after you have unlearnt (check this out to help you). 
  3. FEEL how you want to feel and affirm it out loud to the Universe
  4. Ask yourself WHY you want this (you may need to go back to step 1 or 2) 
  5. Write it all down and feel it as you write (taking note where you are feeling certain things in your body – stop and smile and giggle as you write) BE VERY DETAILED.
  6. Put the letter under the New Moon
  7. Place the letter under your pillow or mattress (leave it there)
  8. Get up each morning and do a task which reinforce that you manifestation is already here (eg. if you want a particular job, as you are getting ready imagine you are getting ready to go to the job)
  9. Vision it – as you wake up and when you go to sleep, see yourself on a movie screen watching your manifestation happening (be really detailed like what you are wearing, who else is there, what they are saying, what songs might be playing, what you can hear and smell), feel the energy 
  10. Put a bottle of water out under the new moon and sip this for a month and remember your manifestation as you drink the magic 
  11. Look up what different herbs mean and support (eg. dill is good for manifesting money, dried roses is good for love), place the dried herbs in a vile with some olive oil and place it under the new moon and put this on you each day to remind you, that your manifestations are coming 
  12. Enjoy this journey and release attachment to the outcome (allow the Universe to have your back)

Let me know what you are trying to manifest in the comments.

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If you would like to watch the vlog on this you can below. 

love + grace

Jo xx

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