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May 16, 2021

What Are The Akashic Records?


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by Gabrielle Bentley

I normally describe the Akashic Records as a metaphysical library, that contains books on past lives and future possibilities. This library is a place that you can assess and can be accessed by all, it’s full of beautiful wisdom that can help you heal trauma, answer the soul-deep questions and help you understand your divine purpose and blueprint. The information found in the Records is always relevant to what you need to hear at the exact moment in time, to support you on your journey. The Akashic record is a beautiful tool to help develop your intuition. It’s a pathway bridging the physical and energetic worlds.

The records are a beautiful modality and is something that you can learn to read from the comfort of your home. You do not have to be Super Intuitive or Psychic to start, these gifts will be fostered on the way as you learn to read the energy. The records are a one-way connection and can be opened through using a pathway prayer, which I have provided below. 

This prayer opens the record for one person either yourself or the person you want to read for, if you want to learn about someone else, you have to first ask for permission to go into their records. When we read for someone else you will still read through the lens of your records, it’s like wearing a pair of purple coloured glasses, so you receive your interpretation of that person. 

As you learn to sit in this energy the amount of information you receive depends on your gifts, though the longer you sit in the records the easier information will flow to you. Everyone has the ability to tap into their records and learn this. Though it’s a practice, it’s like learning to ride a bike, the more your practice the more enjoyable it is. 

After I sit with a client or in my own Record’s I feel like, I have just been given a reiki treatment and this feeling lingers throughout the day leaving me calm, centered & energized. This is only one of the amazing effects of learning to read the Akashic Records, as well as so much clarity within your life. So if you’re wondering how to start, it’s simple.

How to open your Akashic records

  1. Always cleanse your room or house, it’s important to have clean energy. You can cleanse your home with ease using Sage or use a Paleo stick by walking to each corner of a room or your whole house. 
  2. Time. Set a time for twenty to thirty minutes.
  3. Opening. Say the prayer below and wait for the quiet whispers. 
  4. Listen. The universe doesn’t scream at us it’s not its style, so when you hear small voices, or just know something, like it’s in the back of your mind that is the Records exchanging information with you. 
  5. Be patient. It’s a process and everyone receives information differently. 
  6. Closing. When you are done close down by repeating the short closing prayer and enter back into your day with more clarity and energy.

The Prayer of Connection

Repeat these words aloud or within your mind. The Universe can hear you even when you are silent. Sit and feel into what is happening throughout your whole body, does it feel different? Anything can be a sign, even just pressure around your body, so pay attention.

Opening prayer:

‘I open the gateway to my channel, to allow in true wisdom and healing for (your own name or that of the person you are reading) from the Akashic Records and Pleiadeans. May all energetic exchange be that for the greater good of mankind. My channel is now open, and I surrender.’

Closing Statement:

‘My channel is now closed. Thank you’.

This blog post was written by Gabrielle Bentley a Psychic Medium, and Psychic Development teacher who Runs Becoming Intuitive, a Hub for intuitive women who want more, more connection, flow, and grace. Connect with Gabrielle on Instagram @becomingintuitive or at www.becomingintuitive.com

love + grace

Jo xx

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