A self-development book for kids and their parents to unleash their gifts, passions and coping strategies for life!




by Joanne Zammitt

my happy book

Do you need a WHY? YES—of course you do! And so does every kid. Why should we wait until we’re adults to discover what we’re passionate about in life? I believe it is vital to develop the strengths, passions, and interests of every child. By doing so, we not only;

✓ increase self-esteem
✓ wellbeing
✓ reduce anxiety
✓ support emotional intelligence
✓ social and emotional development

It is really simple. When people follow their passions, live a life of purpose, and practise gratitude, they focus on their goals and strengthen their impact. Can you imagine how amazing it would be if we were all able to focus on living the life of our dreams from a deeply centred purpose? My guess is that the world would be filled with more gratitude and love and that every person would know their strengths and be connected to their passions.

Everywhere we look our education systems are focusing on the highest marks, the biggest paycheque, and are failing to teach our next generation about self-love, compassion, gratitude, and empathy. Clearly, this just isn’t going to cut it!

As adults, we CRAVE the skills that help make coping with life’s ups and downs a little easier, so, what if we could equip our children with the knowledge to be more resilient, confident, and grateful?
When you know your children’s strengths then you also learn what makes them tick, how they think, and how they respond. This same information is equally as important for teachers to know. Although you personally may struggle with mathematics and logic, you might excel in English and speaking and writing— so why not use the principles of speaking and reading and writing and apply that understanding to mathematics?
Not only will this make your, and your children’s, learning that much easier, but also more enjoyable.

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This book has five parts and will take you on a journey of self-discovery, teach you how to appreciate your surroundings, learn from hardships, focus on the positive, and find activities to help you jump right into your passion project. 

Chapter 1: All about me 

Chapter 2: All about others 

Chapter 3: The rainbows 


Chapter 4: The lessons

Chapter 5: The road map 


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Why is this book


What ages is it

best for?

During my teaching years I noticed there was a vitally important piece missing in our children’s education. Lessons surrounding social and emotional wellbeing, and the development of coping strategies needed for a healthy and happy life, were largely absent. When I started to teach these principles alongside the standard curriculum I began to notice a big change in my students.

They loved coming to school, they were less anxious, and we hardly ever had any behavioural issues.  When you know your children’s strengths then you also learn what makes them tick, how they think, and how they respond.

The aim of this book is to help every child nurture their social and emotional wellbeing and ignite their entrepreneurial mind for the future of our planet and humankind.

It is for ages 3 - 15 years. Ages 3-8 years will be guided by parents and 8-15 years can be self directed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all parents read the book first.

Some older children will use it differently, a bit like a journal. But still I recommend parents go through it with them. There are topics in the books that most adults haven’t mastered (like forgiveness, gratitude, resilience & kindness). 
Depending on how often you discuss these topics with your children, will also determine how you use it. 

How should we use the


It is a self development book, packed with practical information, activities and templates with a journal feel to it, all rolled into one! You can use your happy book however you feel it works best for you. You can draw, doodle, paste pictures, colour—whatever! This is your book and it is all about you. Keep it close to you, schedule time to work on it, and remember to go back and read it to see how far you’ve come and remember all of the wonderful things about you.
I hope you realise how AMAZING you are and that the world needs you. I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND all parents read the book first, this isn’t like any other book, it isn’t a children’s book or an activity book or how to teach your kid to read, this book is a self development book for parents with guided activities/examples for kids. 

what people have to say

about my happy book

“You know when you come across something and you feel so drawn to it?! Well that’s exactly how I felt when I came across this beautiful book. I’ve been following Jo since forever and loved how her posts and videos always came from a place of love. And this book is exactly that. Beautiful, loving, conscious ways to nurture and ignite the best out of our children.”

"Jo from Story & Co is my best friend! She doesn’t know it yet (or me!) and iso is really screwing with my game! But her wellbeing book on parenthood and helping kids nurture their social and emotional wellbeing is freakin’ fabulous. If you buy just one book this year, make it this one. And while you’re there, say hi from Tori."

"Hey Jo, I’ve been meaning to reach out and say what an amazing book you’ve put together – can’t tell you how much I’ve been enjoying the activities I’m doing with Louis. Such a gorgeous book… Compassion, self love and gratitude filled with lots of important lessons. It’s prompted so many beautiful shared moments already."

Angie from @urbanbrewpods

"I can’t believe I haven’t messaged you yet to tell you how amazing your book is (although I’m sure your inbox is flooded with this). Georgia is a pretty moody 4 year old and only daddy is allowed to put her to bed. But ever since we got this book it’s become Mumma and G time. She runs and gets the book and is so excited to answer the questions I ask her each night and discuss the contents of the book. I got the book just because I wanted to support you, not because I thought I needed it. But it’s so amazing and you’ve made another little girl go to bed each night grateful, thankful and content with her life. So I can’t even imagine how many other little children’s lives you’re filling."

Behind the Scenes

creating the book


I had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with Microsoft on my book. The Surface allowed me to bring my book to life. Microsoft believed in me and My Happy Book and supported it with the Surface Creator's Fund. 

I was given the creative freedom to bring my dream to life with the support of Microsoft. The surface not only allowed me to finish and create the book but it now plays as an extension to the book and provides so many more learning opportunities to bring the activities to a different dimension. 

Microsoft filmed my journey and I love partnering with them. A brand of integrity and quality which supports creatives - just like My Happy Book! 


to help you along your way

traffic lights

the fear ladder

On the blog

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How to Nurture Your Child’s Strengths and Development

 I want children (and adults), to know their worth, to share their true individual gifts with the world, make a difference with their gift and know their purpose.

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A behaviour management system that can be used in the classroom and at home. Creating boundaries with children, clear expectations and consequences and a rewards system to encourage positive behaviour. The key is consistency and be sure to fill this out with your child so they are involved in the process.

A template and guide to assist with overcoming your child's fear (eg. dogs, the dark, public speaking etc.), an example is provided to gently help your child overcome their fears.

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Let's focus on what we can control.




✔ Guidance on letting go

✔ Self love and acceptance practice

✔ A daily gratitude practice

✔ Prompts to serve others

I encourage you to print this each day and have your family members fill it out together at the beginning of the day.