A self-development book for kids and their parents to unleash their gifts, passions and coping strategies for life!




by Joanne Zammit

my happy book

My Happy Book is a well-being support book for the conscious parent who is mindful of their behaviour and who encourages their child’s individuality so they can love themselves and confidently overcome any setback in their life as an opportunity to grow. 

My Happy Book is a journal style interactive book with mindfulness activities, strategies and practices for conscious parents to do with their child as they continue on their path of reparenting themselves and who learn alongside their child. 

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Are you ready for more flow, joy and a deeper connection with your child? 

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My Happy Book

will support you and your child in resolving:

✓ Your child's low self esteem and self worth

✓ You are on a journey of unapologetically loving yourself and want to instil these habits into your child 

✓ As a child you may have felt alone, separate and weren’t validated for your strengths and gifts so after your own self-healing journey you are ready to ensure this isn’t something you want for your child 

✓ You have noticed your child worries a lot or has difficulty processing anger or fear

✓ Growing up you struggled with people pleasing, perfectionism, avoidance of conflict, gossip culture, relying on ‘other’ for validation and for decision making and on a journey of healing this, and you want to create habits to support your child so they can rely on their inner resources 

✓ How to introduce self-awareness, self-responsibility and mindful practices to your child

✓ Your child struggles with emotional processing and working through a situation

✓ You wear many hats as a parent and often feel overwhelmed or in battle with your child rather than in flow

✓ Your child has been labelled or characterised as a ‘problem’ and you want to support their wellbeing and not allow this to define them 

✓ Change has occurred in the family and you want to support your child's wellbeing 

Through implementing

you will learn:

My Happy Book

✓ Effective self-esteem tools and mindfulness activities 

✓ Ways to encourage and celebrate your child’s uniqueness

✓ Daily practises to instil gratitude, acceptance and being of service to others

✓ Mindful activities that allow children to cultivate transforming fear to faith like vision boarding, a self-care plan, filling up their cup, meditation and silence

✓ How to build self worth in your child and processes for introducing forgiveness and overcoming fears

✓ Strategies for your child to acknowledge their emotions and become self-reliant, self-aware and self-responsible

✓ Habits to support your child so they can rely on their inner resources to overcome setbacks in their life as an opportunity to grow

✓ Strategies to develop healthy boundaries

✓How to empower your child so they can live an authentic life and explore their passions with a holistic educational project 

My Happy Book

What style of book is

A journal style interactive book with activities, templates, practises and tools. This book is foremost for parents to do alongside their child (a great book for conscious parents who are expecting too). It is written to the child however this is to support parents in using the language to support and encourage their child. The book was originally created to support children to early-teens (3-15 years) however depending on their age, ability, cognition and environment this will be completely individualised and guided by the parent. The activities in the book and natural design palette allow space to write, scribble, draw, paste photos and create their magic. It is a collaborative book which provides lifelong practises to create an environment for their child to choose who they want to be. 

How to know if

is a good fit for you?

My Happy Book

✓ You are a conscious parent, you recognise that your child is not the problem, you are. If you would like to read more about conscious parenting check out this blog here. Plus there is a variety of books out there that are on this topic. 

✓ You are on a journey of unlearning and healing yourself first. The number one gift you can ever give your child is healing yourself first, taking self-responsibility of your own conditioning, trauma and ensuring your actions are in alignment with your true self. You do not need to be completely healed, this is always a journey but you are well on your way to this. I have numerous blogs and videos on my website and youtube for you to go into this further. My second book that I am currently writing will assist you with unlearning, self-healing and returning to you. 

✓ You accept this book will not heal you or your child. Your job is to heal yourself. Your job is to remember you are whole and not broken and neither is your child.

✓ You have had a spiritual awakening and want to be the parent or support for your child that you may not have had.

✓ You accept that this is a journey that you take with your child. You cannot expect your child to have their values and practises if you firstly don’t. This isn’t a book you just expect your child to do on their own and understand it, it is for you both. 

✓ You understand this book won’t solve all your problems or your child’s nor will it ‘control’, it is a collaborative effort, you are doing the work to provide an environment for your child to choose who they want to be.

✓ You are committed to provide a lifelong practise of supporting and maintaining your child’s wholeness and oneness.

✓ This book is not for everyone, right now. But if you have read this far, this is probably a sign it is for you. 

Accepting that you can learn with your child will change everything. You'll trust that it's ok that you don’t need to know all the answers, and the learning is in the doing, in the becoming. As you allow yourself to surrender you will find your child will too which will bring more flow, joy and will bring you closer together. The conscious parent is finding their own way back to their soul’s essence, their parenting ego has crumbled and they now support and journey alongside with the powerful creator that their child is and My Happy Book will you in doing this.  

what people have to say

about my happy book

“You know when you come across something and you feel so drawn to it?! Well that’s exactly how I felt when I came across this beautiful book. I’ve been following Jo since forever and loved how her posts and videos always came from a place of love. And this book is exactly that. Beautiful, loving, conscious ways to nurture and ignite the best out of our children.”

"Jo from Story & Co is my best friend! She doesn’t know it yet (or me!) and iso is really screwing with my game! But her wellbeing book on parenthood and helping kids nurture their social and emotional wellbeing is freakin’ fabulous. If you buy just one book this year, make it this one. And while you’re there, say hi from Tori."

"Hey Jo, I’ve been meaning to reach out and say what an amazing book you’ve put together – can’t tell you how much I’ve been enjoying the activities I’m doing with Louis. Such a gorgeous book… Compassion, self love and gratitude filled with lots of important lessons. It’s prompted so many beautiful shared moments already."

Angie from @urbanbrewpods

"I can’t believe I haven’t messaged you yet to tell you how amazing your book is (although I’m sure your inbox is flooded with this). Georgia is a pretty moody 4 year old and only daddy is allowed to put her to bed. But ever since we got this book it’s become Mumma and G time. She runs and gets the book and is so excited to answer the questions I ask her each night and discuss the contents of the book. I got the book just because I wanted to support you, not because I thought I needed it. But it’s so amazing and you’ve made another little girl go to bed each night grateful, thankful and content with her life. So I can’t even imagine how many other little children’s lives you’re filling."

Behind the Scenes

creating the book


I had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with Microsoft on my book. The Surface allowed me to bring my book to life. Microsoft believed in me and My Happy Book and supported it with the Surface Creator's Fund. 

I was given the creative freedom to bring my dream to life with the support of Microsoft. The surface not only allowed me to finish and create the book but it now plays as an extension to the book and provides so many more learning opportunities to bring the activities to a different dimension. 

Microsoft filmed my journey and I love partnering with them. A brand of integrity and quality which supports creatives - just like My Happy Book! 


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