for empath women and conscious parents

Spiritual & Holistic 

On-demand 1:1 session via zoom, I take you through this method personalised to your needs & goals (and where you are currently at) so you can easily digest and have a practical method to use moving forward with clarity to co-create your dream life within our 60 minute session.

Are you ready to be free?

A month before my 30th birthday, my life changed forever. My mother unexpectedly passed away, the same day I found out I was pregnant with my eldest child. After years of grieving and unconsciously healing, confused, overwhelmed, triggered and suffocated by my thoughts, my heart was crushed and my spirit was broken. What I didn’t realise at the time was, enlightenment was waking up and I was returning to me and had been throughout my life. 5 years after this I had my 4th spiritual awakening (not aware of it the first 3 times), I was cracked open. I was confused on what to do next, I often felt alone and desired a step by step process to guide and support me so I would remain conscious this time, I wasn't going to bandaid this anymore. 
 During my self-healing, own research, working with clients and training as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach I created a sacred 7 step method in which I teach you (and remind you) how to use your relationships to heal and return to you. We Are Each Other's Medicine was born.


with Jo Zammit

1:1 Spiritual & Holistic Life Mentoring

A practical 7 step method personalised to your current obstacle, pain point or setback so you can use it as an opportunity to grow, self-heal, unlearn and use as a catalyst to
co-creating the life you desire that is your authentic self. 

Honestly, it is so freeing when you start to live a life that is unapologetically you which is guided by your soul. Life starts happening for you, not against you and miracles start happening without you having to do anything.

challenges this service helps solve

✓ You hide your true feelings to avoid conflict, being judged or being misunderstood

✓ You seem to attract drama or gossip which doesn't feel good for you (or walk away feeling worst about yourself)
✓ You feel overwhelmed and always are “doing” and chasing achievement after achievement and never feeling satisfied

✓ You are tired of waking up each morning, thinking about the same problem, when you don’t care enough about the situation which is taking time away from your day & your family that you care about but you don’t know how to deal with it or stop thinking about it 

✓ You often feel alone, seperate from others and feel no one really gets you

✓ You are tired of repeating the same patterns (or relationships) that are not allowing you to live a fulfilled and authentic life

✓ You compare yourself or merge with others as a way of fitting in or fear of not having a good life (FOMO) and end up doing things that you don't want to do or involved in conversations/relationships that don't serve you

✓ You find yourself asking others for their advice rather than trusting yourself 

✓ You look in the mirror (or can't) and don't like what you see

✓ You feel angry, frustrated, and dissatisfied with your life which makes you feel shame & guilt because you feel you should be grateful

✓ You want to make an impact in the world by transforming yourself and also planting your seeds for others to grow as well, but you are not sure where to start and overwhelmed with all the information out there

Miracles await you

you have all the inner resources to overcome anythinG. 
Let me remind you how.

if any of these points sound like you, then you are in the right place.

Format of our session

✓ 1x 1:1 session with Jo Zammit (60 minutes)

✓ Conducted via Zoom

✓ After you have made your purchase, you will receive your client intake and consent form, please download this, complete and email back to

✓ Within 24 hours of purchasing you will receive an email with appointment time options for you to choose - please email for availabilities

✓ Please ensure you spend the time filling out the form so I can tailor your session for your goals (a good place to start is looking at the above areas, focus on one area for us to start with). Please note the session goes over the 7 step method and provides you with practical strategies to implement straight away, it best to focus on your most pressing situation (if you don't know what that is, that is ok we can discuss in our session.) Just be mindful you may need follow up sessions if you have multiple goals. 

You will receive:

How to know if this is a good fit for you:

✓ You are open to exploring your inner landscape 

✓ You are ready to put yourself first and your healing, expansion and personal growth

✓ You genuinely want to create a connection with your Soul and Spirit 

✓ You understand that you are doing the work and accessing guidance within yourself (and not seeking answers from me or outside of yourself)

✓ You are motivated to committing to your personal healing (including implementing strategies, turning up on time for sessions and doing homework if necessary)

✓ You can commit to the 1 session (60 minutes) via zoom in a quiet undisturbed setting 

✓ You recognise this is a lifelong journey and you are committed to making a change 

✓ You understand that our session is based on a goal and may need follow-up appointments if required

✓ You understand that this program is not therapy but therapeutic in nature 

✓ You can respect the sacredness of our sessions and that I can’t assist with particular issues via email or dm's in between sessions. However, admin and clarification is fine. 

✓ If you are after particular time saving strategies you can first look at my Time Saving Strategies Kit.