with Joanne Zammit

                                 I believe you have been brought here for a reason. So I want to humbly thank you for your time. I am so excited for the miracles that await you and I am honoured to be on this journey with you. People all over the world are waking up, healing, transforming their mindsets and their families to live a more empowered, peaceful and purposeful, holistic life.

Whether you keep attracting the same negative relationships, suffering from a health problem, have had enough of feeling less than, feel rejected, know what you want but can’t seem to get it, experiencing loss or know something needs to change but can’t work out what it is.

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It is time.

I hear you and I see you. 

The world more than ever needs you! The self-healers - the people willing to step into their own light and do whatever it takes to return to consciousness for themselves, their families and each other. If we all become self responsible we can eliminate violence and suffering in one generation. 

This is where I come in.

As your coach, the aim of my mindset and holistic life coaching sessions are the help you use any setback in your life as a catalyst to transform it, heal your soul and live your best life. I am here to facilitate and gently guide deep healing, transformation and expansion. By connecting your mind, body and soul it is possible to achieve optimal health, and by changing your mindset you can change your life. 

plus some questions you might be asking yourself

✓ How do I heal?
✓ I keep attracting the same situations, setbacks and relationships. Why? 
✓How to heal my people pleasing or perfectionism 
✓ I have had enough of feeling less than, or victim to what other people think of me or what they do to me 
✓ Everyone is mean to me 
✓ I feel alone and seperate
✓ I feel rejected and left out
✓ I have lost someone special to me or a relationship has broken down, how do I get through it? 
✓ What is my purpose? 
✓ I know what I want (for myself, my family, my business, my career, my life, my finances) but I just don’t know how to get it 
✓ I have everything I want, but I am still not happy
✓ Could there be something more to these health issues I am experiencing? 
✓ How do I heal from past wounds? 
✓ Triggers are affecting my life and making me sick
✓ Why are so many people sick? Have Endometriosis? Have unexplained diseases? 
✓ How to use loss and setbacks as a way to happiness 

How I can help you

I promise you

Miracles await you

you have all the inner resources to overcome anythinG. 
Let me show you how.

what i offer

My offering is mindset and holistic life coaching. I am a certified life coach and my degrees are in education. If you would like to read more about me, my qualifications and background you can here. But beyond everything, I am a self healer, I have used all setbacks in life and positively recycled them as opportunities for growth. I have gently helped thousands of people self heal, change their mindset, achieve a holistic life, return to who they truly are and empower them to have self responsibility. 


Whether you are beginning your self healing journey or have been on this path for years and needing particular guidance and support for a certain situation, or maybe you don’t even know what you need help with but know something needs to change, your session will be completely personalised to you and guided by your needs and goals. Whether you want to focus on relationships, your business and career, your purpose, self care, health & wellbeing, a current setback, grief & loss, manifesting your future or a general chakra healing, let me gently take your hand and be your support through this moment in time. 

Prior to our session I will send you a consent form which also will provide me with a brief medical history, background information and goals for your session. 

Sessions are for 1 hour and conducted over Zoom. Sessions are now available to international clients. 


This depends on you, your goals and your situation. Please know that mindset and healing work is done 99% by you, I am here to guide and support you. My overall aim is to empower you & help you not become self reliant on others but rather encourage, educate, support and equip you with your life toolkit.
I do offer a discount for when you book multiple sessions which also ensures your spot with me. After our first session, I offer a suggestion based on your personal needs. 

I believe your intuition led you here. So I would love to work with you. 

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*if there isn't time available please email 

*if there isn't time available please email 

What are some of the modalities I use?

I always offer my suggestions on what I believe will work best for you according to your goals and situation but if there are any modalities you are not comfortable with, we don’t need to use them. These sessions are here to empower you. 

✓  My 7 step method 
✓  Self healing techniques 
✓  NLP
✓  Radical forgiveness 
✓  Inner child healing 
✓  Ego work 
✓  Shadow work 
✓  Inner saboteur 
✓  Chakra clearing 
✓  Energy medicine 
✓  Manifestion and visioning 
✓  Soul surgery 
✓  Angel cards 
✓  Meditation and self hypnosis 
✓  Connecting with your spirit guides 

please note

7 Day Mind Body Spirit Detox Plan

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✔ 7 Day Mind-Body-Spirit Detox Plan
✔ Detox negative & limiting beliefs
✔ Rid the body of toxins
✔ Energy Medicine techniques 
✔ Ego awareness, detox people-pleasing & seeking validation from external
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