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TRIGGERED is 4 session Spiritual & Holistic Life Coaching program for motivated deep thinking empaths who want to be free from fear, feel empowered to overcome any setback in their life, love themselves unapologetically, and move forward with clarity.

Within these 1:1 sessions I help you unlearn & shift your mindset so you have ownership over how you experience the world, guide you to self-heal your inner child so you can love yourself unapologetically and confidently know what direction to take & how to move forward to co-create your dream life.

I hear you and I see you. 

The world more than ever needs you! The self-healers - the people willing to step into their own light and do whatever it takes to return to consciousness for themselves, their families and each other. If we all become self responsible we can eliminate violence and suffering in one generation. 

This is where I come in.

As your certified spiritual life coach and teacher, I have developed a beautiful sacred journey which I will guide you on to unlearn, self-heal and return to you. Firstly, after having my 4th spiritual awakening (not aware of it the first 3 times), I was confused on what to do next, often felt alone and desired a step by step process to guide and support me. Secondly, after responding to many client's needs, I created this 4 step program which gets to the root of the problem and allows for deep healing, transformation and expansion.

Does this sound like you?

✓ You hide your true feelings to avoid conflict, being judged or being misunderstood
✓You feel overwhelmed and always are “doing” and chasing achievement after achievement and never feeling satisfied

✓You are tired of waking up each morning, thinking about the same problem, when you don’t care enough about the situation which is taking time away from your day & your family that you care about but you don’t know how to deal with it or stop thinking about it 

✓You are tired of allowing others to dictate how you feel & experience life 

✓You are tired of repeating the same patterns that are not allowing you to live a fulfilled life

✓You compare yourself or merge with others as a way of fitting in or fear of not having a good life

✓You feel unworthy and allow external (other people’s opinions, their looks, job, marriage, friendships, possessions) as a way to determine your self-worth and success 

✓You feel angry, frustrated and dissatisfied with your life which makes you feel shame & guilt because they feel you should be grateful

✓You want to make an impact in the world by transforming yourself and also planting your seeds for others to grow as well

Miracles await you

you have all the inner resources to overcome anythinG. 
Let me remind you how.

Format of the program

4x Weekly sessions (60 minutes each)

They are 1:1 sessions which will be conducted via Zoom

Each strategy you will be given in a Google Doc after your session so you can repeat the processes by yourself as needed 

You will be given homework and strategies to implement in between each session. 

You will receive:

How to know if this is a good fit for you:

✓ You are open to exploring your inner landscape 

✓ You are ready to put yourself first and your healing, expansion and personal growth

✓ You genuinely want to create a connection with your Soul and Spirit 

✓ You understand that you are doing the work and accessing guidance within yourself (and not seeking answers from me or outside of yourself)

✓You are motivated to committing to your personal healing (including implementing strategies, turning up on time for sessions and doing homework in between sessions)

✓You can commit to the 4 sessions in a quiet undisturbed setting 

✓You recognise this is a lifelong journey and you are committed to making a change 

✓You understand that this program is not therapy but therapeutic in nature 

✓You can respect the sacredness of our sessions and that I can’t assist with particular issues via email or dm's in between each session. However, admin and clarification between each session is fine. 


$888.00 AU 
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Email: for availabilities 

A single one-to-one session with Jo is currently $333.00 AU. If you are interested in a single session email for availability. Please note Jo only takes on a small number of these sessions each season.

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