A 16 page learning kit to assist parents to help discover their child's gifts, talents, interests and best way they learn. 





Gifts and Talents Kit is for the Conscious parent who wants tangible, easy, practical activities and solutions to develop their understanding of nurturing their child’s innate gifts to provide a solid foundation for learning and well-being. 


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Does this

Sound like you?

You don’t know how to support your child’s gifts or what they are. 

You know all children learn differently and how powerful of a creator your child is and want to make sure you are providing an environment that celebrates how your child learns and their innate gifts. 

You are confused about what is the difference between gifts and talents. 

When reading with your child you want to make sure you aren’t hindering your child's learning but want to help and support them. 

As a child you felt alone, separate and weren’t validated for your strengths and gifts and want to ensure your child doesn't feel the same.

Your child's teacher or doctors only give the negatives about your child (or 'what is wrong' rather than 'what is right') or comment ‘they are doing well’ and you know they have innate gifts to share with the world and want to focus on this.

You know your child has unique gifts but not really sure what they are or how to nurture them? 


 Learn my simple and sustainable methods so you can easily allow your child to be the powerful creator that they are and provide an environment that celebrates how they learn and who they truly are.  


This is the kit I needed my teachers to have and a resource for my parents, so my innate gifts were supported whilst growing up.  


 Research has shown if children’s learning needs are not met early, issues can start to arise like feelings of unhappiness, unsettledness and not engaging with learning. Identifying gifts and talents early can help support your child’s learning path and social and emotional well-being.


What you will


What will you


✓ Learn the difference between gifts and talents and how you can help your child.

✓ An overview of thinking processes so you can support your child's development.

✓ Learn easy to book strategies that can be used to deepen your child's learning. 

✓ Example of questions to use to widen their  understanding.

✓ How to reframe and use open ended questions
to deepen and widen learning to support their innate gifts.

✓ How to create your own open ended questions so you can do this ongoing and not reliant on others.

✓ Identify those hidden teachable moments that
are purposeful in everyday life.

✓ How to effectively give constructive praise so you model through your actions with your validating speech and actions so your child can choose to do this for themselves.

✓ How to encourage and develop curiosity 

✓ How to develop their children in becoming an expert in their area of giftedness and talent.

✓ How to use reflection to deepen understanding and growth.

✓ How to teach your child to identify things you can control so they don't allow labels or 'others' to define them.

An instant 16 page downloadable pdf sent instantly to your email. 
Explanation, information plus practical and easy to implement strategies and activities.

How do you know if 

this kit is a good fit?

This is not home or remote learning for you to do 'more' rather it promotes less, slowness, connection and built into everyday life. 

You understand the kit isn't just given to your child and you walk away. It is collaborative.

This kit is for children (ages 3-6 years) which is guided by their parents and independent for children (ages 6-12 years). However, parents are the primary audience for this kit and need to have an understanding of the practises and do alongside their child. The age guidelines are dependent on the individual child's development which is all different. 

This is about educating you to support your child that is already whole and powerful.

You recognise you are your child's first teacher and learning is collaborative between you and their school teacher. 

This isn't the same as My Happy Book, however supports the book nicely. 

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what people have to say

about Jo

“Jo. An inspirational woman. All her hard work, determination and passion for what she loves honestly pays off and I have never met someone who has helped me in life’s obstacles and in end achieve winning results, every time....Traffic lights work, meditation works, keep it all coming....Thanks for being you. Keep up the outstanding work”

Cartia Bege

“I am so excited about this book, I'm a paediatric physiotherapist and I've always loved and applied Jo's educational advices. The best guides for happy kids”


“Jo has really taught me and shown me practical ways of instilling gratefulness in my kids. That Despite situations or circumstances we have so much to be grateful for and that it isn’t all in material possessions. Jo is an amazing educator, offering practical tips and examples of how to do this, for us we were inspired to create gratitude books with our kids that they can write, or draw things that mean something to them something that prompts them to be grateful and being in a mindset of thanks is teaching my children we truely have so much and just having the freedom and air we breath is something to be truely grateful for. I’ve definitely noticed in my children they are more aware of being grateful and kind to their friends and family. Thankyou jo for giving me tools and applications to teach myself and my family.”

Bec Haynes

“Jo is exceptional at what she does. She helped me come up with a reward system for my children at home. The kids loved helping me draw up the traffic lights and think of items they would not be allowed to play with if in the red zone. I’m so thankful for Jo’s professional guidance and advice. Thanks Jo! My kids behaviour really improved!”

Diana Minchev


to help you along your way

A guide for effective group work

what i can control worksheet

Let's focus on what we can control. I encourage you to print this each day and have your family members fill it out together at the beginning of the day. 
✓ Guidance on letting go
✓ Self love and acceptance practice
✓ A daily gratitude practice
✓ Prompts to serve others

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