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March 17, 2021

My Spiritual Awakening and tips for when you wake


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I have been putting off creating this video because I just always am evolving, growing, healing and learning new things. Even from when I recorded this a month ago till now writing this, I have changed and evolved even more. But I think it is important to recognise, we never just become, we are always evolving and that is a part of our soul’s evolution. It was time to share with you my journey thus far.

Please have a listen as it goes through more story and how I have identified thus far four stages to my awakening. I discuss my upbringing, being Catholic and my spiritual connection with my grandparents. I go onto explaining a bit of my trauma and how I become a teacher, the pilgrimages I did and how this all shaped where I am today. I explain how I feel about religion and spirituality.

I discuss the 4 stages of my awakening, the pain points (relationships, break ups, illnesses, death), the law of attraction, manifestation, visioning, co-creating the life I have now. I discuss masculine and feminine energy, the concept we are all one and where I am at now.

My 3 take aways

  1. Once you start witnessing the ego, and become aware and start to wake up, the information will come to you, really fast. You will get a lot of information, and you may get overwhelmed and confused – should I start to understand crystals, akashic records, meditation, the law of one, densities, reiki, astrology, chakras?? – my advice is, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Find the special teachers that resonate, buy their books, listen to their videos, do their mediations. Just find what feels good.

2. Judgement detox. Don’t judge your journey or anyone else’s. What is right for you is perfect and what is right for someone else’s is also perfect. Use this as a guideline as to discern what interests you, and be mindful of the spiritual ego, that the spiritual ego isn’t attaching to identity to you, rather if it feels good, an invitation to always be kind over being right. Go gently with yourself and others, you are evolving, you are shedding. If journaling is your thing great, if mantra or guided meditation is your thing do that. And don’t judge others for not being awake or being on the same path as you, you are not superior to them, we are all one and exactly where we are meant to be.

3. Have fun but understand that healing looks different for everyone! Healing isn’t liner, some people it will be quick, others it will be longer, some people it will be rainbows and butterflies, others it will be dark, ugly and messy and some will have a combination. Know yours is perfect for you. You are infinite, the Universe wants to support you and help you return to you, so lean into it, allow it to support you, ask for signs, and enjoy all the unlearning.

love + grace

Jo xx

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