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May 15, 2018

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As many of you may know, I suffered from an undiagnosed chronic illness for 20 years – finding out when I was 28 years old that I had Lyme Disease). I watched my parents suffer for some many years, trying everything to try and find out what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with everything under the sun, and treated for it incorrectly. Due to this, it played havoc on my immune system, not to mention the disease eating away at it. It was actually a naturopath who lead me to Lyme Disease and once diagnosed, we treated it for 18 months through natural, vegan and organic methods. I am now Lyme-free, however it was a long journey as you can imagine (if you would like to read more – click here). So I made a promise to myself, when I have children, the one thing I could always give them, is healthy and organic food. It is so important to my husband and I that we have an active healthy lifestyle and good quality food (which I am sure is the goal for most parents). No one can predict the future, or if we will get ill, but we can ensure we have a strong immune system to help fight off anything that comes our way. I am lucky, that I had such a robust immunity to allow me to fight this disease for so long. 

So when Bubs Australia reached out and asked if we would like to try their products, we jumped at the opportunity, as we were initially sold with their vision – to inspire new generations of healthy, happy bubs. But it goes beyond this. With my hubby working within the food industry, he is very well aware of labelling and what actually is ‘organic’. He is always checking the packaging and showing me the ingredients which contradict this label. When I showed him Bubs, he said, the ingredients list are reflective of their marketing, and it is 100% Australian certified. Tick Tick Tick. Ok so lets give a try. 

What did we try?
Hunter (2 years old)
Bubs Goat Toddler Milk 
Archie (6 months old)
Dry Cereals
Superfood pouches
Toothy Rusk

Bubs Goat Toddler Milk – HUnter 2 years old

If you have been following our story, you will know that it was important for me to breastfeed my babes. Something I was really passionate about, I did a lot of research and successfully breastfed Hunter till he was 13months and I still breastfeed Archie. I know it can be tough and I know a lot of mums who tried and it didn’t work for them and that is ok, and no one should ever judge another mother’s choice (breastfeeding or not) – mama knows best! I’m just sharing our story.

Hunter is now 2 years old, and our midwife recommends he has two cups of milk a day. He was on regular cows milk after 13 months. But he just never seemed too fussed with it.
If I am honest, I was a little hesitate at first, mainly just because I didn’t know enough about goats milk. Hubby said it is so good and very nourishing. After researching it, this is some key points, I came across:

  • made with easy digestion in mind and is a nourishing and gentle alternative to cow’s milk based products, especially for children with sensitive tummies, allergies/intolerances, digestive issues, congestion and skin conditions. 
  • highest quality whole goat milk and goat whey protein with a balanced daily intake of essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, and advanced supplements including Omega-3 DHA, Omega-6 ARA and Prebiotics GOS and FOS
  • It is the only Australian made Goat Toddler Milk sold in Australian Supermarkets
  • Bubs Goat Toddler Milk is produced in Victorian pristine countryside

Hunter’s verdict?
He loves it and actually asks for milk now. He has it twice a day, usually before his nap and after dinner. 
Where can you purchase?
Coles, Big W, Costco or selected pharmacies (note that the goats toddler milk has a new contemporary look but the premium nutritional formulation is the same). 

Superfood Pouches – Archie 6 months old

Archie is still breastfed as mentioned above, and he started solids a week before he was 6 months old. We are on a specific schedule with introducing foods and textures with the direction from my midwife. Archie now has tried most vegetables, meats, yogurt, peanut butter and egg. He is having three meals a day with a little bit of filtered water after each meal. I always breastfeed first before any meal. 
I try to make all Archie’s food fresh (with Hunter I used to do big batches and store in the freezer, but I am finding it easier to do just do a few days, and basically just mush up what we are having of an evening). But there are times we are out, and I want to give him a balanced meal. There are so many nasties in some of these products, so it was really important to check the ingredients, as a lot of brands claim one thing but do another. Archie tried some other brands and he just spat it out, I was shocked because he eats everything. When the Bubs Superfood pouches arrived, the first thing we did was check the ingredients. All certified organic ingredients with no added salt, sugar or preservatives plus allergy friendly. 
The 10 flavours in the organic Pouches range are:

  • Pear and White Grape 
  • Mango, Peach and Banana 
  • Sweet Potato, Carrot and Pumpkin 
  • Sweetcorn, Pumpkin and Chia 
  • Berry and Banana Bircher Muesli 
  • Super Vegetable and Rice Congee 
  • Blueberry, Banana and Quinoa 
  • Strawberry, Pear and Quinoa
  • Raw Cacao Chocolate Custard 
  • Banana and Apricot Power Porridge 

Archie’s verdict:
He smashes them! He doesn’t spit them out and can’t get enough. His favourites are the raw cacao chocolate custard, sweetcorn, pumpkin and chia, and strawberry, pear and quinoa. 
Where can you purchase?

Coles nation wide. 

Bubs dry cereals – Archie 6 months old

Archie starts his morning with the cereal mixed in with fresh banana, apple or pear. The Bubs dry cereal range are Australian made from Australian Certified Organic rice, oats, and ancient grains, blended with pure real fruit and enriched with essential nutrients. No added sugar, artificial additives or preservatives. 1 pouch makes 12 bowls of porridge (so economical). 
The 5 flavours in the Organic Baby Cereal range are: 

  • Bubs Organic Baby Ancient Grain Porridge 
  • Bubs Organic Baby Apple Porridge 
  • Bubs Organic Baby Banana Rice Cereal 
  • Bubs Organic Baby Oats Cereal 
  • Bubs Organic Baby Rice Cereal 

Archie’s verdict:
He loves the texture and the flavour. As he starts to eat more thicker and mushed textures, you can just adjust the amount of water you put in, which I love and find really beneficial. His favourites are the Banana Rice cereal and the ancient grain porridge. 
Where can you purchase?
Chemist Warehouse nation wide. 

Bubs toothy rusk – Archie 6 months old

Archie has started teething (send help!). 😉 I find rusks so good for them to munch on for their sore gums as I try to avoid giving anything to them, because it just weakens their immune system. I have also found it is good for his hand eye coordination and it is assisting with him to start and learn to feed himself.
Bubs’ hard-baked rusks are made from a trio of organic multigrains and pure organic apple to support the development of healthy teeth and jaw development by encouraging chewing and biting. They come in an apple and barley rusk which is lactose free. 
Archie’s verdict:
He chews on it all day. I find it really useful during the ‘witching’ hour, when I am trying to get breakfast or dinner ready or when we are out and about. It entertains him for a bit and gives him some relief. 

Where can you purchase?
Chemist Warehouse nation wide. 
Bubs Australia
​Website –
Instagram – @bubsaustralia

Disclaimer: Before starting any new products, please always seek medical advice from your practitioner, I am not a health professional, I am a mother sharing our story and experience. This blog post is sponsored. 

A day in the life of a Bubs kid 😉

love + grace


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