A learning kit for parents to assist their child with fun and engaging activities to nurture the development of kindness and gratitude.

kindness and gratitude KIT

Kindness and Gratitude learning kit is for parents to assist their child with fun and engaging activities to nurture the development of kindness and gratitude.

This kit is for children (ages 3-7 years) which is guided by their parents and independent use for children (ages 7-12 years).

Just like academic skills, kindness and gratitude can be taught and cultivated through modelling and practice.

With these engaging activities, you can promote kindness and gratitude and enhance children's capacity to care about others and themselves. 

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✓ 14 page downloadable kit
✓ Activities to do with your child to cultivate kindness and daily rituals of gratitude
✓ Kindness: 5 ways to show kindness today
✓ Family kindness schedule
✓ Compliment rainbow
✓ Gratitude: I see the good
✓ Gratitude Scattergories Game
✓ How I am Grateful for my Planet
✓ Kindness and Gratitude Passion Project
✓ Action plan to determine how you will live out your 3 main values

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✓ Different ways to show kindness

✓ Start a daily routine using this strategy

✓ Identify each person in the family’s kindness strength

✓ Create a family kindness schedule so everyone is included and being held accountable

✓ Learn how to effectively give a genuine compliment

✓ Emotional recognition of how it makes someone else feel

✓ Identify how to look for each person’s gifts and strengths

✓ Focus on the positive

✓ A fun game that can be played with the whole family, during a play date or when the kids aren’t seeing eye to eye

✓ Identify ways the planet provides things for you

✓ Create ways how you will show your gratitude and kindness back to the planet

✓ Create a gratitude and kindness project for someone, for the community or the planet

✓ This is a mini passion project which you will put into action the lessons learnt about kindness and gratitude

✓ Create impact and change

✓ Create a project that will inspire others, motivate others to do good, clarify your learning and help the greater good

This kit is for children (ages 3-7 years) which is guided by their parents and independent use for children (ages 7-12 years).

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“Jo. An inspirational woman. All her hard work, determination and passion for what she loves honestly pays off and I have never met someone who has helped me in life’s obstacles and in end achieve winning results, every time....Traffic lights work, meditation works, keep it all coming....Thanks for being you. Keep up the outstanding work”

Cartia Bege

“I am so excited about this book, I'm a paediatric physiotherapist and I've always loved and applied Jo's educational advices. The best guides for happy kids”


“Jo has really taught me and shown me practical ways of instilling gratefulness in my kids. That Despite situations or circumstances we have so much to be grateful for and that it isn’t all in material possessions. Jo is an amazing educator, offering practical tips and examples of how to do this, for us we were inspired to create gratitude books with our kids that they can write, or draw things that mean something to them something that prompts them to be grateful and being in a mindset of thanks is teaching my children we truely have so much and just having the freedom and air we breath is something to be truely grateful for. I’ve definitely noticed in my children they are more aware of being grateful and kind to their friends and family. Thankyou jo for giving me tools and applications to teach myself and my family.”

Bec Haynes

“Jo is exceptional at what she does. She helped me come up with a reward system for my children at home. The kids loved helping me draw up the traffic lights and think of items they would not be allowed to play with if in the red zone. I’m so thankful for Jo’s professional guidance and advice. Thanks Jo! My kids behaviour really improved!”

Diana Minchev


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Daily gratitude practise

Hunter shows you the importance of gratitude, what his daily practices are and some fun activities you can start today. 

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Activity checklist that can be used to introduce the the topic of gratitude to children. These activities can be used on going even with children who practice gratitude daily, it will deepen their practice as they do it more.  

kindness jar freebie

An activity to promote random acts of kindness, bouncing back when situations are difficult or don't go our way and assisting children with thinking about others. This activity can be used with your behaviour management system. 

Let's focus on what we can control.




✔ Guidance on letting go

✔ Self love and acceptance practice

✔ A daily gratitude practice

✔ Prompts to serve others

I encourage you to print this each day and have your family members fill it out together at the beginning of the day.