A learning kit for conscious parents to assist their child with fun and engaging activities to nurture the development of kindness and gratitude.

kindness and gratitude KIT

Kindness and Gratitude Kits is for Conscious parents who wants to cultivate more kindness & gratitude that is authentic and promotes self-responsibility for everyone in the family.


✓ You are overwhelmed with all the different offerings for children. 

✓ You want to be kinder to yourself and others but want to do kindness that is authentic to you that isn’t forced and comes naturally.

✓ You don’t know how to accept a compliment and possibly give them inauthentically or way too often or you feel people don’t genuinely give them. 

✓ You are finding you are getting frustrated with others, possibly focusing on the negative (even though you feel validated in your reasoning) or see the faults in others and yourself rather than their/your gifts which may come out (by you or others) in comparison, blame or gossip.

✓ You are noticing you and your children don’t know how to work through disagreements (possibly an increase in sibling arguments).

✓ You feel separate and not connected and feel like you aren’t contributing to the wider community or collective consciousness, you want to see change. 

✓ You are overwhelmed with where to start with a how to use your passion to serve others.

Does this

sound like you?

Do you find it difficult to receive a compliment, or noticing you or your child is having difficulties working through disagreements or maybe you are getting frustrated with others, possibly focusing on the negative (even though you feel validated in your reasoning) or see the faults in others and yourself rather than their/your gifts?


Learn my simple, engaging and sustainable activities and strategies so you can reparent and see the positive in yourself and others and cultivate an environment that focuses on optimism and gratitude, with less gossip and drama so your child can learn the same. Just like academic skills, kindness and gratitude can be taught and cultivated through modelling through parents.


What you will


What you will


✓ Easy, fun and sustainable activities to cultivate kindness in your children.

✓ How to cultivate more kindness and promote self responsibility for everyone in the family.

✓ How to be able to receive a compliment and model to your child how to give them authentically without expecting anything in return.

✓ How to recognise the positive in yourself and others and to cultivate an environment that focuses on optimism, with less gossip and drama. 

✓ Practical, easy and sustainable activities that you can do with your child to see the silver linings and focus on the high vibration. 

✓ How to be more of a service to others and the wider community and cultivate an appreciation for others and the planet. 

✓ How to be more connected to others. 

✓ How to create a project that serves, inspires and motivates others by being the change you wish to see in the world. 

An instant 14 page downloadable pdf sent instantly to your email. 
Explanation, information plus practical and easy to implement strategies and activities.

How do you know if

this kit is a good fit?

✓ This is not home or remote learning for you to do 'more' rather it promotes less, slowness, connection and built into everyday life. 

✓ You understand the kit isn't just given to your child and you walk away. It is collaborative.

✓ This is about educating you to support your child that is already whole and powerful.

✓ This isn't the same as My Happy Book, however supports the book nicely. 

✓This kit is for children (ages 3-7 years) which is guided by their parents and independent for children (ages 7-12 years). However, parents are the primary audience for this kit and need to have an understanding of the practises and do alongside their child. The age guidelines are dependent on the individual child's development which is all different. 

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what people have to say

about Jo

“Jo. An inspirational woman. All her hard work, determination and passion for what she loves honestly pays off and I have never met someone who has helped me in life’s obstacles and in end achieve winning results, every time....Traffic lights work, meditation works, keep it all coming....Thanks for being you. Keep up the outstanding work”

Cartia Bege

“I am so excited about this book, I'm a paediatric physiotherapist and I've always loved and applied Jo's educational advices. The best guides for happy kids”


“Jo has really taught me and shown me practical ways of instilling gratefulness in my kids. That Despite situations or circumstances we have so much to be grateful for and that it isn’t all in material possessions. Jo is an amazing educator, offering practical tips and examples of how to do this, for us we were inspired to create gratitude books with our kids that they can write, or draw things that mean something to them something that prompts them to be grateful and being in a mindset of thanks is teaching my children we truely have so much and just having the freedom and air we breath is something to be truely grateful for. I’ve definitely noticed in my children they are more aware of being grateful and kind to their friends and family. Thankyou jo for giving me tools and applications to teach myself and my family.”

Bec Haynes

“Jo is exceptional at what she does. She helped me come up with a reward system for my children at home. The kids loved helping me draw up the traffic lights and think of items they would not be allowed to play with if in the red zone. I’m so thankful for Jo’s professional guidance and advice. Thanks Jo! My kids behaviour really improved!”

Diana Minchev


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