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So nice to see you, grab yourself a cuppa and come right on it. Take a luxurious exhale, slow down and have a wander through our virtual shelves. We have created a variety of free resources for you, your children (of all ages!) and your family. You will find free printable guides, activities, worksheets, articles, and videos to help with you and your children's wellbeing, spiritual growth and education. There are loads of video resources you can use to self educate yourself and assist your children. Hunter has created a 'Little Heroes' series and My Happy Book chapter activities all for FREE. Find what feels good, adjust to make them your own and go slow with your practises so they are sustainable, there is no rush to do it all. My aim is to create a space that is inviting and inclusive of all (as I am empathic that not everyone has access to these resources easily) so you can transform any setback in your life, see the beauty in it & create the life you desire. Thanks for visiting and for all updates make sure you have signed up to our mailing list and follow along on Instagram. Happy browsing. 


and wellbeing


How to manifest your dreams

The corresponding blog is here.

Fear of conflict? Why am I afraid of conflict?

The corresponding blog is here.

Full Moon Release Ritual – Cleansing and Making Space for Miracles

The corresponding blog is here. 

My Spiritual Awakening and tips when you wake

The corresponding blog is here.

Meditations under 10 minutes 

Cord Cutting Meditation
Forgiveness Meditation
Inner Child Meditation
Anxiety & Surrendering Meditation
Kid's Body Love Meditation
*You can access the corresponding blog and all the meditations by clicking here if you prefer to have written instructions. 

10 Day Gratitude and Purpose Journey

10 videos going through different aspects of self-healing and unlearning. 

5 mindful habits for kids & families

free download

10 Day Gratitude and Purpose Journey

10 videos going through different aspects of self-healing and unlearning. 
*You can access the corresponding blog and all the videos by clicking here if you prefer to have the written instructions too. 

7 Day Mind Body Spirit Detox Plan

Detox negative beliefs, connect mind-body-spirit, energy medicine strategies and more.

A talk by Jo Zammit with 3 practical tips for parents and 5 for kids. It always starts with the parents.

downloadable guides + worksheets





Budget Planner 


A step by step guide from my father who is an award winning financial planner. It will help you organise your expenses and prioritise your spending. Please note these is only a suggestion and does not get you out of financial hardship. 



What I Can Control Right Now

Great to use when worrying is high and situations have changed in your life. 
• Guidance on letting go
• Self love and acceptance practice
• A daily gratitude practice 
• Prompts to serve others 

What to Say to Our Children During Uncertain Times 

Your how-to guide to use with children when there has been hardship, setbacks and worrying times (eg. natural disasters, war, family break ups, death etc). Includes a set of reflection questions for parents.


The Fear Ladder 

A template and guide to assist with overcoming your child's fear (eg. dogs, the dark, public speaking etc.), an example is provided to gently help your child overcome their fears.


Self Care Plan for Kids 

A template to assist with setting goals and a plan for your child to achieve holistic health (exercise, eating healthy, relationships, meditation etc), mind body and soul guide for you and your child to complete. 


5 4 3 2 1 Technique for Kids 

A simple calming guide to help your child through stressful or anxious situations. This guide is a common practice for adults that is adapted for children. 


Gratitude Exercise

Activity checklist that can be used to introduce the the topic of gratitude to children. These activities can be used on going even with children who practice gratitude daily, it will deepen their practice as they do it more. 

Healthy Boundaries

Family Day Routine Planner 

To help offer structure to your days. Based on the classroom style of working in 'blocks' which has been adapted for home life, including holistic health and wellbeing practices. 

Time Saver and Management Guide 

My blueprint of working from home, running my own business with 3 kids. This is how I schedule my days to ensure I still have time for me, quality time with my kids, date night with hubby and run a successful business. 

Playing with siblings guide

This guide is what I have used in the classroom 'group work rules' which has been adapted to home life with siblings playing and working together. This is great to use for playdates and can be laminated and put up in their playroom, study or as a book mark. 


Traffic Lights 

A behaviour management system that can be used in the classroom and at home. Creating boundaries with children, clear expectations and consequences and a rewards system to encourage positive behaviour. The key is consistency and be sure to fill this out with your child so they are involved in the process. 


Boundaries for Learning at Home

Independent learning guide and template so children can learn to work by themselves, allows you to work from home, teaches children how to problem solve, and answer their own questions. 



Educational Apps Guide 

Educational apps broken into the following categories to assist with:
• Reading
• Numeracy
• Organisation & Memory
• Creativity 
• Writing


Group Work Freebies

This guide is what I have used in the classroom 'group work rules' which has been adapted to home life with siblings playing and working together. This is great to use for playdates and can be laminated and put up in their playroom, study or as a book mark. 


Values Freebie

A guide to discovering your values and your children's. How to implement them and ensure your actions portray what you want and what you believe in. 


Kindness Jar

An activity to promote random acts of kindness, bouncing back when situations are difficult or don't go our way and assisting children with thinking about others. This activity can be used with your behaviour management system. 


Water Scavenger Hunt Freebie

A fun activity to help kids identify water usage and importance around the house and backyard.


chapter series

Chapter 1
My Happy Book

10 episodes 
Hunter and Jo go through each page of Chapter 1: All About Me

little hero series



Back to school confidence booster

Hunter gives you and your little hero that confidence boost you need before going back to school, reminding them that they are not alone and times might be tough, but you will get through.

Water Saving Tips - How much water you use in the house

Hunter takes you around the house and shows you how much water is used. 

How parents can help find our gifts and talents

Is your child the next Steve Jobs or Oprah? Hunter takes you back through history and shows you what some famous minds parent's did to find their gifts and talents.

What we can control right now

When things get tough, situations change, Hunter reminds you of what we can control and to let go of the things we can't. 

Parents how to ignite our gifts and talents

Hunter takes you through easy steps you can start today at home with your kids to ignite their gifts and talents.

How to instil daily gratitude practices with kids

Hunter shows you the importance of gratitude, what his daily practices are and some fun activities you can start today.

my happy book series

My Happy Book an introduction

An introduction to My Happy Book and an explanation from the author Joanne Zammit.

Behind the scenes the making of My Happy Book

Grab a glimpse of how Jo wrote the book and the tools which used with Microsoft.

Helping kids navigate their emotions

How to navigate emotions and find the rainbows after storms. An activity from My Happy Book and how we used Hunter's strength to display it.

How to find my child's strengths

An activity in My Happy Book which is how we displayed and shared the boy's superpowers, strengths and talents. It always important to celebrate what they are learning in the book.

Introducing chores to children

Using the model in the book of DONATE SAVE SPEND, here is an explanation on how we have implemented it in our household.

The Fear Ladder 

How we use our freebie and template in My Happy Book with dealing with Hunter's fear of dogs.

Introducing guided meditation to kids 

A simple instructional video that will take you through guided meditation. Full script in is My Happy Book.

Self care plan for kids

This video goes through how we use our self care plan with our kids and how you can introduce this. There is a freebie download or the full version with explanation in My Happy Book.

Who inspires me and why

Inspirations and random acts of kindness is an important part to chapter 2 of My Happy Book. See how Hunter explains who his inspirations are.