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December 17, 2018

Creating memories: Christmas movie nights


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I always thought nothing could be better than being a child at Christmas. I was wrong. Being a parent is the best thing. Hunter is now at an age (2.5 years) where he loves Christmas especially with his cousins. He has been so excited this year (even though still a little scared of Santa), everything is “WOW MUMMY”. It is important to my hubby and I that we make memories and traditions for our children. We want them to remember their childhood as a loving, fun, and exciting time. We are lucky that Hunter and Archie have their cousins live around the corner, who they get to see all the time. They love having sleep overs together, swimming in the pool, playing in their playroom, cooking and doing craft together. This year we decided to do a Christmas movie night slumber party. As children one of my biggest memories was the Christmas movies. So much magic, excitement, wonder and sense of togetherness. 
The latest IKEA Life at Home Report has revealed that the one thing needed to make a home feel like a home is memories. The fifth annual report found:
• Almost half of Australians agree that a place is considered home because of the happy memories associated with it
• Over a third of Australians believe home is the place where they spend more time with loved ones, and home is wherever their loved ones are.
Christine Gough, IKEA Australia Interior Design Leader says “….Home should be functional, comfortable and beautiful. It’s a place that truly represents who we are. The one thing that never goes out of style is the nostalgia we feel when we step inside our home. Home should be a space where your family and friends can celebrate and enjoy all the big and small moments together.” 
I pride myself on our home. It is welcoming, stylish yet functional. We love to have sleep overs in our media room. There are plenty of pillows and throws for the children to snuggle with. They usually start out together on the floor then the couch then all over the place but they all have a cushion and a blanket. I have used soft tones for a more relaxing and calming vibe but comfort is also key. The IKEA GULLKLOCKA cushion covers in white are so soft, it is like laying on a cloud. The INGABRITTA off white throws are warm enough to snuggle with but light enough for the children to carry around. 

The IKEA Life at Home Report also highlights how we furnish and personalise our homes to make them our own is becoming even more important, with over half of Australian’s (53.5%) stating that furniture items connected to specific memories make the home feel more like home. 

The media room is styled with beautiful prints framed in IKEA FISKBO white frames. There are a variety of quotes and soft images to create a sense of warmth to the room. A quote that takes centre stage in the room reads:
“Our Family is a circle of strength and love. With every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger”. Our circle is where memories are made, it is what strengthens us and our home is where we make them. 
Part of the sleepover always includes food. The children made reindeer cookies in their matching Christmas pjs, homemade pizza and popcorn for the movie. It is in these details that I truly believe memories and connections are made. Hopefully they will look back one day with beautiful fond memories. Christmas is also very important to us as a family to recognise Christmas as a time to be thankful. Before the movie starts, we go around in a circle and they all say what they are grateful for. 

Our top 5 Christmas movies are: (for children):

• Miracle on 34th Street
• The Santa Claus
• Polar Express 
• The Grinch 
• Home Alone 

For adults:
• The Family Stone
• Love Actually 
• The Holiday 

The report finishes with “Nostalgia is a key element of what makes a home a home. This insight shows that homes are so much more complex than simply just the four walls around you. Everyone has a unique memory about what makes their home special….” Hopefully our children will look back on their childhood with beautiful memories, and the physical items to create this space, the smell of the cooking, or the movies will help facilitate these memories for them.

*Cushions, frames and throws can be purchased via IKEA 
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love + grace

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  1. Amelia says:

    Love this Jo and what a great way to create memories. Never thought of it that way. I love the phot gallery too

  2. Krystal says:

    How gorgeous! Making memories like this is priceless

  3. Amanda says:

    Such a great way to make memories xx

  4. Laura says:

    Beautiful photos Jo x

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