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February 13, 2019

Creating the ultimate media room for movie nights with Plush


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When my husband and I bought our dream home around 12 months ago, one room we really wanted was a media room. We both have wonderful childhood memories of watching movies with our siblings. Even as adults, my brother and I would go to the movies together or have movie nights at home. Even now, I am always asking my brother what are the best movies to watch. When my parents divorced when I was about 8 years old, my Dad moved in with my Uncle Charlie (his brother). We would spend weekends with them. Dad would always take us to the video shop on Friday afternoon to pick a whole heap of movies to watch together and then usually Saturday we would go to the movies together. We always watched funny movies (I felt like we watched a Jim Carrey movie week). It was a great way for us all to bond and I think it was Dad’s way of helping us through the divorce. Whilst this blog isn’t about my parents divorcing, movies were such a wonderful outlet for us and really helped my brother and I.
With Netflix, Stan, Prime, Amazon, Google Play – Australians are staying home more and more these days to binge watch their favourite television shows (I hear you The Handmaiden’s Tales and Power), and to watch movies. Not only is it more economical, it is just so easy. Especially when you can now create media rooms just like the cinemas. Don’t get me wrong, I still love going to the movies for a date night, but I have never taken the boys to the cinema yet as they are too young but we have had plenty of movie nights at home.
So how did we create the ultimate media room? Insert my hubby, Adam. Whilst I love designing spaces, I am not always practical. Adam really wanted recliners in the room. I have never really liked them and thought it would be really hard to style. Adam suggested we check out the range at Plush furniture as we have our two other lounges from there.  I thought if we are going to create this media room, it needed to be just like a cinema room but I still needed it to look nice.
As I had never really looked at recliners before, I was surprisingly amazed at the options. You can choose your configurations, your fabric/leather (so many options), and your style to suit your home. I was sold. I was excited to start and plan our new centre of our home. 
Room before
Room empty before step is installed
The room is a square shape with a little indent with windows.  The room isn’t too large, so we needed to make the most of the space. We really wanted that cinema vibe so we decided to build a step so we could have two rows. We will soon be a family of five so we wanted to ensure we had enough room for all of us to have our own seat. My Uncle installed the step for us and laid the carpet too. We were lucky to find nearly the exact match of the carpet. I think by adding the carpet, it definitely brings a sense of warmth to the room. 
​The step being installed
We decided to go with the ENCORE RECLINCERS for two reasons, they were the slimmest and the style I liked the most. There are so many options but this worked best for our space. We decided to have three recliners on the step (in the back row, which I am sure will become the ‘boy zone’) and in the front row we opted for the 2 seater with a centre console for drinks. All recliners are electric motion. I chose the mirage pewter fabric, which is a darker shade of grey. I wanted a fabric to give a bit more of a homely vibe. Most of our lounges are all grey. I find with whatever home theme/style you have (Hamptons, Vintage, Rattan, Boho, Parisian, Country) grey is the best. You can always add your style via other pieces of décor such as cushions and throws. Grey is classic and will last you throughout all the trends (and if you are anything like me, I love to change our décor all the time, but the lounge is the staple, like the wall colour, it is the stable canvas). 
​ An important tip that I think is worth mentioning is, really plan and measure your room. We measured what the lounge would recline to be, especially because there will be a lounge in front (not your typical lounge room set up), also the distance between the lounges, the window, the TV and the door. Because we (I mean hubby), was so thorough with the measurements, the lounges fit perfectly. Also when we built the step we ensured that we had enough space for the electrical outlets because they are recliners and they all needed a cord but we didn’t want the cords on show, so we had them built into the stage/step. 

My tips to make the media room stylish yet practical.

1. Cushions and throws 
​I love cushions and throws; they instantly add a welcoming and warmth to a room. It is a great way to add your style to the room. Plus they add that extra level of comfort. I choose whites, greys and creams to the room as it provided a calmly and luxe vibe. We have a storage blanket box to put these in, as sometimes we don’t always use them and I really love the look of the room with the recliners as being a traditional cinema room.  
2. Photo wall or photo gallery
As there isn’t much décor pieces in a media room, this is a great way to bring your sense of style through. I often change the prints and colours in the room. Because they are on a shelf and not hung on the wall, it is really easy to rotate prints according to the style I want to achieve. This is a cost effective way to keep up with the trends without putting holes in your walls. 
3. Drinks and snacks stand
For us, a movie night isn’t a movie night, without snacks and drinks. The front two couches have drink holders but the back three recliners don’t (this is only because we didn’t have the space, if you have the space, I highly recommend getting a drink holder for each as we use the front ones all the time). I decided to get a drinks stand, especially because our children are still young, if they want to eat or drink something they can help themselves. It is a good way to put out the popcorn or lollies when we get ready for movie night. The boys see the stand getting ‘stocked’ and choose what they want, like as if they would if they were to get it at the cinema. I change what we have each time, to add a sense of excitement too. 
As it is a media room and accidents are bound to happen especially with 3 children we decided to get Plush-Shield®. Plush-Shield protects your sofa against common oil and water-based spills. If you purchase Plush-Shield, your sofa will be treated with Plush-Shield prior to delivery. This treatment helps to make the removal of stains, soiling and grubby marks easy. If you purchase a Plush-Shield Leather Warranty, you will receive a Care Kit with items to help you remove marks or stains as they occur. Remember – the key to effective stain removal is to act quickly.
If an accident does happen and you find your sofa marked or stained simply contact the Plush-Shield Hotline immediately. They will ensure all stains or marks covered by Plush-Shield are removed and, if they can’t be removed, the affected area will be replaced at no cost to you. Plush-Shield covers you for some many things, head to Plush to see the full list. 
*Disclaimer: this blog was sponsored by Plush.

love + grace

Jo xx

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  1. Sally says:

    Oh I loved this Jo! So clever! Never knew recliners could look so stylish

  2. Michelle says:

    Jo! Loved this so many great tips. Love idea of the step

  3. Sarah says:

    This is so relateable and something I can see us doing in our new home. How great do these couches look

  4. Krystal says:

    Love the step- great idea! And the snack table is a must!!!

  5. Jess says:

    Omg this is gorgeous! My dream goals!

  6. Ky Winton says:

    Wow what a gorgeous room, you’ve done an amazing job! 💕

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