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June 8, 2017

Dressing a boy – ain’t so bad


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So let’s face it, there are no tutus or tiaras (well not yet anyway πŸ™Š). But it can be fun dressing a boy, I think definately nowadays too. I think I would of struggled 5 years ago though, but there are so many cool things out there for little boys, I love it! 

A self confessed shopaholic and girly girl, when I found out I was having Hunter, I knew I would have fun dressing him. I love men’s fashion and it was going to be a challenge for me, which I couldn’t wait to get started. 

Hunter’s style is flexible but I would say he does have a very distinct style – preppy. I tried him in the streetwear look but didn’t really suit him, his shape or personality. The street look doesn’t really suit myself
or my husband either. Hunter’s style was definately inspired by my hubby’s style (however now he will say, I want Hunter’s clothes in my size, and I often find him copy H’s look πŸ˜‚). 

Occasionally I will dress him in the ‘organic’ look (the tights, boots, cardigans and beanies). When he was a newborn this look didn’t suit him at all but now he is a little older, I am having fun with this look especially in winter because you can really rug him up. But he definately is more himself in a pair of loafers, a scarf and blazer. 

In the beginning, I got a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest. I then went to Instagram but I do find that a lot of the Instagram boy looks are the ‘organic’ look or streetwear. There isn’t a lot of preppy looks. I then got a lot of inspo from men’s fashion which today is my usual go to for H. He is like a little old man + this older look suits him. New bub may be completely different but I have a feeling they will be the same. He is my little European baby and I love it. 

I think having a sense of style or appreciation of how you look shows confidence and self respect. My mother and father both had great style and very much instil that into my brother and I. We learnt from early on how to look after our clothes and how to present ourselves. I really want to instil that into my children too. Like I said I believe it goes beyond materialism.

So my top tips for dressing a boy? 

Find their distinct style. 
Myself and my hubby both have a distinct style, even though on occasion we both may try different looks, we have our go-to that suits us and we feel good in. Fashion is all about creativity and expressing who you are, I definately don’t see it as a materialist thing, it is a huge creative outlet for me. It also will make it easier when dressing him too. 

Mix in other styles.
I really love how streetwear is all about personalised pieces at the moment (what I usually buy other children). I find that these looks don’t really suit H. But what I have found if I want to use personalisation or an element of street, I will use one aspect. For example, adidas or nikes that will go with his scarf and ripped denim, or personalised shirt with a polo jumper. So rather doing head to toe, I will bring it in, in a another. I wish the streetwear hats suited him, but he is definately a beanie kid.

I think this is what boys wear was lacking for so long. Little girls got all the good stuff and boys were just shorts and tshirts or trousers and a jumper. But now there are so many options (still not as much as girls, but still loads more than a few years ago). It adds personality to an outfit. I love accessorising Hunter. Some of my favourites are chunky scarves (newborns can wear too, just be mindful how you put them on and never put them to sleep in them), bow ties, pocket squares, beanies, hats and braces. Every outfit has at least one of these elements. 

Shoes shoes shoes.
Hunter has such a large shoe collection (tip – buy off eBay or a market (lots of mums sell fantastic hardly used designer shoes). I also don’t mind spending money on shoes, they really can make or break an outfit. I have only really had to replace his shoes at 12 months – his newborn ones lasted him pretty much the first year. Plus his little bro will be able to use them now and then after that if I want to sell them I can, but really they aren’t that expensive when you compare it to a lot of other things. It is a great gift to give someone too for a birthday or Christmas. 


Invest in good denim. Denim shorts for summer and denim jeans for winter. Pay that bit extra for a pair that he can worn with everything. I alternate between his black and blue pair. 

Blazers, loafers, bowties oh my!

Don’t be shy to dress your babe in ‘big’ boy clothes. Even when they are babies. It is super cute and will last them fof a long time. 

Be prepared. 
Having a blog makes this easier because I am taking photos of H all the time. But either way I always try and do flatlays of his outfits (as I do for myself). It just makes getting dress so much quicker. May take you half a day to organise but you are usually done for a season (you can just mix and match). I always take photos of his outfits for holidays, makes travelling so much easier (you take less and you don’t waste time getting ready). I also think when you aren’t organised, especially for boys, you tend to just do the pants and top, and bubba doesn’t really have a style. 

I think this really defines a style. H had his first hair cut at 1 month old (he had so much hair!!). I loved the buzz look and it really suited him. At the moment I am growing it because it is going curly and it suits him. But consider a hairstyle like your husband / partner might, this can finish off an outfit! But I am also aware some babes don’t get hair for a long πŸ™‚

love + grace

Jo xx

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