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September 6, 2017

Hunter’s little big boy room reveal


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So we have just moved into our forever home on acreage and we are in love with it. The moment we moved, it felt like home, where we were meant to be. Hunter felt completley comfortable + really started to thrive in his new environment. We moved in July 2017 so just before bebe number two comes along in Oct 2017. We are all settled in now, just have to finish off the media room + a few things outside but we have all the heart eyes for our new abode. 

As my boys will be 18months a part, I didn’t want to buy a new cot. Hunter starts out in his cot but comes in with us. So I thought the baby will be in our room for at least 12 months which H will be 2 and half by then and definately ready for a big boy bed. He is probably ready now, because he climbs up and down ours already. We won’t put him in his new room just yet, because he isn’t walking independently and also we don’t want to change too many things with bubba coming along. So I’ve created a nursery for the new baby using a lot of Hunter’s furniture and have given it a reshuffle (pictures to come soon). So H sleeps in the cot but all his things are in his new bedroom. 

Choosing a theme: Monochrome 

I was going to do a monochrome nursery but it organically worked better for a little boy’s room. I wanted to buy/make pieces that I can re-use for any of our children down the track. Hunter is also obsessed with cows so it worked perfectly! 
The bed: low house bed
We chose this as it is based on Montessori principles of learning. A floor/low bed is exactly what it sounds like…a bed on the floor or close to the floor. It sounds strange to a lot of people in our (western) culture, but it’s totally normal in other parts of the world. The idea of the floor bed is based on Montessori principles of allowing children to explore and learn through their environment. Everything is safe and at his level for him to access and explore but also minimal so it isn’t over stimulating. We decided to have the bed off the floor a little bit (he can still easily get up and down) but just for hygiene/dust/wind/draft reasons we wanted it raised a bit). My uncle was going to make it for us, but I had him doing too many jobs already 🙈 so we found this beautiful one from fantastic furniture. My uncle just painted it white for us. I have also stocked up on a variety of monochrome bed linen (for those accidents) but so H always has a nice room even if he does do an accident, I don’t want to draw attention to it by changing the aesthetics of the room.  I mainly got all the linen from Target, Adairs kids and Kmart. 
Chest of drawers:
I really wanted to have something in here which was used. I wanted to promote to H, sustainability and not just chucking things out if they no longer match, especially big pieces. This was an old wooden chest of drawers, my brother used, then my uncle used (which was painted white) then I got my uncle to paint it black for Hunter’s room. It looks so good. I just bought some black + white knobs to replace the hold ones and it looks brand new. 
Affirmations / wall art:
Using the alphabet board in Hunter’s room is something I love. It is something that we will share milestones on, create affirmations, reinforce values and signify events. As Hunter gets older he will be able to help me choose the quotes or lettering which may be our learning focus for the week or to commentate a special event. At the moment, the focus is definately on his little brother coming. I wanted to bring something in from his nursery too which was his lion. A strong figure always protecting him. I also wanted him surrounded by books. His grandmother was an avid reader and I really want to instil that in my children. 
Bookshelf + clothes rack:
This was something I created in my head + got my uncle to put together. So the shelves are $9 from Kmart. They were wooden + green so I got him to paint them black and white. They are really sturdy and the best thing is, they allow me to change around Hunter’s room as he grows and develops without having to change pictures and mark the wall. Here I can promote books, his wooden toys, his animals (which at the moment act as a stimulus for animal noises – obsessed!). I also want to teach my children to have pride in their surroundings, to look after their things, and not to take things for granted. I think children can get so much ‘stuff’ and never actually use them or appreciate them. And also just because they are children doesn’t mean that they can’t have nice things and be taught to look after them. We always had a beautiful home growing up, mum never changed anything. Mum taught us to clean up after ourselves and everything always looked great. Before I had kids I always got ‘your house is so beautiful but just wait till you have kids, it won’t stay that way’…then I got ‘wait till Hunter is a toddler, it won’t stay that way…’ now I get ‘wait till you have more kids it won’t stay that way…’ I think I’m proof so far that you can have a nice home, children, play dates and still have everything looking nice, it is how you teach your children to play and look after things. The clothes rack is one of my favourite pieces. It is a stick painted black! A place to showcase some favourite pieces of clothing (all his clothes are so nice, it is a shame to keep them hidden in the cupboard). 
Toy chest:
Another brilliant make from my uncle. I didn’t want to overfill it with toys as that is what the playroom is for. But just a few pieces and a spare pillow and blanket so we can snuggle in his teepee + read. I’m sure down the track the pieces in here will change, but the focus will be on minimalism and him only have a few special pieces. Also another area to place ‘themed’ objects when we are learning about specific things. 
Teepee: somewhere to read
It was so important to have a place to read. Whether it was part of Hunter’s sleep routine or a place he can sit and read himself as he gets older. The ‘world rug’ was also specifically chosen to promote adventure + travel. Something that was instilled in me as a young child + something I want for my children. 

Links to suppliers we used:

Bed: Fantastic furniture
Bed linen: Kmart Target Adairs Kids
Lights on bed: Kmart
Hunter’s name: Arcadia Dreams
Teepee: Mocka Australia
Mobile: Cotton On Kids
‘H’: Typo
Rug: Oyoy via Minimacko
Alphabet Board: Alpha Board Co
Shelves: Kmart
Wooden toys: 
Name block – The ginger kids co
Mini rolling pins – Childish Hearts

Stacker – Grimms Design via Minimacko

Cou Cou Tee – One Little Two Little 

love + grace

Jo xx

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  1. says:

    I love how you designed your son’s room! The shades black and white really do complement each other. Are you going for a minimalist look? If you are, it looks absolutely beautiful because of its simplicity! I always tell myself that simplicity is very elegant, but I do have some days when I want to go all out and opt for multiple designs and colors. The name ‘Hunter’ is also lovely! The portrait of the lion represents the name very well.

  2. secureassignmenthelp reviews says:

    That was for the big boy only room has been revealed by the different confection of the new fashionable trend. Outside of the room defiantly will be more beautiful as the inner side of the room we are seeing.

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