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May 28, 2018

Hunter’s ‘on the farm’ room


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I am so excited to share with you Hunter’s ‘on the farm’ room. If you would like to see what it was like before (click here) to view his room from 12 months ago. So why did we do a new one so soon? Well, when we did the other one, we had just moved into our new house (gulp, it has been 12 months already – time flies). Since then, our darling Archie has come along and so much has changed in the sleep department. Hunter has never been a good sleeper, and was always in the bed with us. He hated the cot. We got him the house bed and he enjoyed it better than his cot. He started out doing all day sleeps in his big boy bed but was still in bed with us each night. But then he turned 2! And what a turn around. He just decided (yep literally over night), he was going to sleep in his own bed, by himself, all night long and we didn’t even need to lay with him to fall asleep. So 3 months on, and he is still in there and loving it. As you can imagine, hubby and I were over the moon (and shocked), so we thought we would celebrate and surprise him with a room makeover. We moved him one room closer to us (swapped his and Archie’s room, because Archie is still in his cot in our room). We wanted to create a space which was him and something he would love going to. I worked along side my midwife to ensure it was safe, toddler friendly and a place which was calm, yet exciting to go to. Helen (our Fairy Godmother – midwife) gave us wonderful tips to ensure he stays in there which I will share below. Thank you to all the brands who helped this little man’s room become a magical space that he loves to sleep and play in with his little brother (all suppliers links below, plus a few discount codes). 
Hunter loves animals. He started really young (7months old) doing lion sounds and not long after he knew most of the animal sounds. His love for animals continued and it is a beautiful bond he shares with my Uncle Charlie and my father-in-law (who both have farms and love animals). We moved onto acreage 12 months ago, and even though we don’t have any animals, we are surrounded by lots of cows, sheep and horses. My Uncle has a farm (rabbits, chickens, birds, a dog) and my father-in-law has one too (cows, goats, rabbits, birds, dogs). We often go down for weekend aways to the farms and Hunter loves it. He loves the sounds, the smells, the fresh air and running around outside. He loves going in the truck with his daddy, feeding the rabbits with Uncle, and watching his Nunnu herd the cows. It really is his happy place. So we thought lets do an ‘on the farm’ theme. He loves it and straight away can identify similarities between the real farms and his room (Nunnu cow, Aya birds, wood fire). It was also really easy to incorporate a colour palette – olives, beige, rust with hints of blacks and whites for contrast. 
Designing the space:
I started by creating a mood board of everything ‘farm’. I used pintrest, google and instagram for inspiration but also the actual farm. I wanted it to look like the farm, and feel like it too. I wanted the room to be warm, moody/dark and have a lot of character and textures. 
I started with the big pieces and worked around them.
House Bed
Chest of drawers
Mini Couch
The bed, the bedding and canopy: 
We already had the house bed and Hunter has loved it more than his cot. It fitted in perfectly with theme as it acted as ‘the house on the farm’. The gorgeous linen light beige canopy acts as a roof over the house (it is so cosy under there). The lighter colour was important, so it made the room look bigger, especially because of the darker carpet. I also wanted a contrast from the bedding. The bedding is reversible and represents Bambi (my father-in-law had a Bambi on his farm for many years). I love that it is reversible because I change my mind all the time and am always restyling. The olive green blanket and lighter sheets add depth and texture and mostly a contrast to the gorgeous bedding. 
The rugs:
I really wanted something light and with texture. The carpet in the room is a dark charcoal/grey and would of made the room too dark with all the other darker features I was going to add. The is rug is so soft and has a beautiful texture. It has a little shine to it, so it picks up the other colours and reflects off it. It is the perfect size and is a real feature of the room. I wanted to ensure, I didn’t over clatter the floor, I wanted  a big space for Hunter to play, especially if he woke up before 7am. My midwife suggested, you try and keep them in their room till 7am and they can play or read some books if they wake up prior. So the rug is a lovely spot for him to play. The adventure rug adds to the forrest/farm theme, which Hunter loves using his blocks and tractor on.
The chest of drawers:
We already had this and my Uncle painted it black and added the handles. It is super old and we used it in Hunter’s other bedroom. I really wanted black to feature in the room and not just all light wooden. It adds depth and so much character. It has an antique vibe and I liked the mis-matched look which is something you get in farm houses. It added to my moody/cosy look I wanted to achieve. 
Mini couch / reading corner:
I was originally going to do a book theme, because Hunter loves books and we are always reading to him in here, plus it is part of his sleep routine. He jumps into bed, we read him a book, he has his dummy (only time he can use it, which he leaves in his mini basket), and then he says his prayers. Also as mentioned above, I wanted a place for him to sit and read his books and something he could access his books easily and could also clean them up himself. The mini couch is so comfortable and soft (which was important, I didn’t want anything he could use to climb up with as a safety precaution) and it has an ‘old man’ library/farm vibe to it. My husband and I often sit on it if we are reading to him. The Thumblina book, is a bit of my mum in the room, she used to read it to me as a little girl and we bought it for Hunter’s 2nd birthday from her. 
Baskets / Jam – Farmer’s market:
I really wanted to bring in the idea of a farmer’s market, growing your own produce. It is a great way for Hunter to start and learn about sustainability and where things come from (not the supermarket). So this formed as part of the decoration but I used them to store books, shoes and his knits. The gorgeous play dough acted as jam but obviously as a practical use too, as Hunter loves play dough. Furthermore, he puts his dummy inside the basket after his sleep. The midwife said if he has special spot for the dummy that he can put away, he will do this and won’t ask for it during the day because he will associate it with sleep. It has worked!
Being a farm theme, animals had to make a feature right? I wanted a big feature animal and Hunter fell in love with this big chocolate bear. It is so soft and a beautiful deep colour which adds another texture. I also think he looks a bit sleepy too. The sheep’s head is so cute and stands out on the wall. We always say Bear protects him and sheep (baaa) watches over him. If you know me, you will know I have a bird phobia (mainly magpies), but I am  very aware that when I freak out, that I don’t want the boys to develop the same fear as me. It helps that my Uncle loves birds and always shows Hunter. He has taught him to shoo them away from Mummy. So I wanted birds in here some way, just so they have a positive connotation for him and also a little piece of my Uncle in there too. 
Hunter has so many beautiful clothes and shoes, it is a shame to have them all locked away. So I like to display them when I can. With the farm theme in mind, I was trying to make it look like, something he could just ‘hang up’ after feeding the chickens or going on the tractor. So overalls were a must, hanging up with his good boots. The gumboots are what he lives in when we are down the farm (a little nod to our weekends away down the farm with my Uncle’s vintage suitcase). The warm Ugg boots always stay here especially being winter at the moment, he puts them on and off when getting in and out of bed. The knits and boots are on display in his baskets too, which is easy to access and grab if I need a jumper for him. The hat was my husband’s hat when he was a little boy (which I love this personal touch), he used to wear it on the farm as a child and now Hunter does. 
These are the most gorgeous and delicate animal prints. The colours match perfectly. Hunter has always loved cows and Hamish the bull was a perfect match. I love the deer and her baby (a little touch of me and Hunter and also my mum and Hunter). I fell in love with this no text print. It is goldilocks and the three bears (isn’t it clever?). The colours match perfectly, and I also associate warm porridge with the farm. Plus it is another addition to the book/fairytale aspect that is my sub-theme. 
When I think of my Uncle’s farm, I instantly think of wood. Branches, trees, wooden stumps, and fire wood. So I really wanted to bring this into the room. The wooden stacker and pencil holder were the perfect addition and so beautifully made. My uncle made some wooden logs (to represent fire wood), and the logs on the truck all add to theme. I love the contrast of the thick branches with the delicate twigs, it really stands out against the light grey wall. This is a really cheap way of adding texture and dimension without costing you a cent. 
Shelving, wooden house and decorations:
I love shelves, they are a great way to add decoration, and if you are anything like me and always moving things around and restyling they are a great option (so you don’t have to put heaps of holes in the wall). I just played with colours, textures and love the old clock. 
It was important to have a night light which stays on all night because we close the door (we have a monitor so we can hear him). This is a safety precaution. If he gets out of bed during the night or in the morning, he can’t go wondering around the house. The night light is the ‘old owl’ which lightly illuminates the room so it isn’t so dark. We put it on when we start our night time routine. 
The hot air balloon adds the fairytale/exploring/book sub theme. I always want the boy’s room to have a sense of wonder and adventure. When we are at the farm, I feel you can see the sky for days, the balloon helps to create the open sky idea. 
The house is a great way to add/swap around different decorations and also acts as the farm house.
My Mother – Hunter’s late grandmother. I always like to have a piece of Mum in the boys room, so they always are reminded of her and know her presence is near. Her picture hangs in his little house. Mum loved books and she had them pilled next to her bed as she read 3 books at a time. So the books scattered around the room and next to the bed are her. Plus her rosary beads always hanging in the room which Hunter knows are grandmas. 
*After every sleep – nap or night time, Hunter gets a stamp on his hand which he loves to show everyone who comes over and is a form of positive reinforcement and further encouragement to stay in his own room. 


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Trees, chicken, pig, duck by @the.small.folk SHOP
Clock, felt alphabet, wooden blocks by @vinesofthewild SHOP 
Mini house, olive blanket, book stand, baskets, night lamp, bear by IKEA
Ottoman by @cushandco
House bed by @fantasticfurniture

Hunter’s Outfit:
Onesie and socks by @jamiekaystore
Romper by @shirleybredal
available from 
@monkeynmoo_shop SHOP
Boots by @fawnandfinch
Archie’s Outfit:
Bloomers and jumper from @frankiejonesthelabel

love + grace

Jo xx

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  1. Tanya says:

    Wow Jo this is beautiful. So many wonderful ideas and it looks amazing. Love the prints, rug, brown chair, everything. Thanks for the codes too.

  2. Michelle says:

    Jo, this is amazing. So talented. Such a different and creative theme, something I have seen before. Well done, great styling tips

  3. Christine says:

    I love the colour palette you have chosen! Finally a stylish boys room which has just as much character as girls rooms! Thank you for sharing

  4. Rachael says:

    Wow! That mini video is so creative, I haven’t seen something like this before. You are so talented mumma

  5. Lisa says:

    There are so many great brands, thanks for introducing them to me. And for the discount codes. Love your insta too

  6. Amelia says:

    It is so nice to read something that has meaning behind all the pretty pictures and styling. You put so much thought into your work, everything has a purpose and so creatively designed. Not many people do this. Loved the dummy idea too! Thanks for sharing your work

  7. Paige says:

    The most gorgeous room with so much love, detail and style ✨💞 you have done such an amazing job on every area of the room Jo!! Loved reading through your post about each area of the room and some gorgeous pieces from lots of great brands.
    Thanks for your endless support and featuring the little coco bear overalls.
    Much love, Paige xx

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