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September 10, 2019

#mumlife capsule wardrobe: How to dress casual yet stylish at home with Assembly the Label


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One of the only things I miss about going into work every day is the fashion. Nope, I never worked in fashion (in marketing and then in teaching), but I loved choosing my outfit and getting dressed up every day. When I became a mum and decided to work from home, I promised myself that I would always remain stylish, which I think I have. Now having three children 18 months a part, I started to just wear activewear. Even though when we go out I would still get dressed up but the day to day, I just wasn’t feeling too inspired. So I made it my mission to organise a capsule wardrobe with the following things in mind.

  • Practical and comfortable – I need to be able to do the cooking, arts and craft, work on my computer, shooting content, playing with kids, school pick up and park dates. All the #mumlife activities.
  • Stylish – I wanted to look good, if someone came to the house or I ran into someone, I would still remain my stylish self
  • Easy and interchangeable – I wanted items that I could wear together and they look good, pieces that work together and easy of a morning to get ready (don’t have to think)
  • Quality – as I will be wearing most days and washing them, I need items that wash well, don’t stretch when you wear them all the time and last.

I have a chosen a few pieces from Assembly the label and have styled multiple ways for you to show you how you can easily wear at home, or add a blazer if going out for a coffee.

The Sweater

Available in a variety of styles and colours. I am wearing the Logo Fleece Seagrass.

Styled with on-trend bike shorts and sneakers. Using a neutral palette gives you a polished look

The short and button blouse

Available in a variety of colours and styles. I am wearing the new colour pumice short and the shirt is the Corfu stripe blouse (has a matching short and dress option). Great for a little more dressed up look, dress down with a sneaker and sweater.

Next I have just added a blazer for the cooler days in Spring or a more dressed up look. This is a great option for travel too as it can take you from day to night.

The Tee

Available in a variety of styles and colours. I have chosen the terracotta Ida Ribbed Tee which is a beautiful basic and adds a bit of colour to a neutral palette. I have styled it with the short and jeans. A different option to the basic white or black.

The Jean

If you know me, you know I love denim. So I couldn’t not include a pair. I am wearing high waist rigid jean pacific blue. So many quality options for denim available. Every casual capsule wardrobe needs good quality denim. I will share how I have styled them a variety of ways.

Styled with the ‘homesickness’ tee

The ‘Homesick’ tee

I love that Assembly the label gives back and has teamed up with Curing Homesickness. They have created a beautiful limited edition tee to support the cause, with 100% of the proceeds of each tee sold being donated to the initiative to help improve the care for kids in hospital, get them home sooner and make them feel more at home during their stay. I love that I can be supporting something bigger which is a part of my capsule wardrobe. Available in kids and mens.

The trackpant

The comfiest and softest trackpant you will ever own. I am wearing the Kin Fleece Trackpant Birch and I wear mine high waisted.

love + grace

Jo xx

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