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April 27, 2018

Storyandco X Meandminiclothing


A conversation about conscious parenting


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Story and Co is a sacred wellness and spiritual destination which connects & motivates, providing self development, self healing and unlearning. 
Through a journey of remembering shared through story-telling, together, I help you remember You. 
Welcome to our sacred meeting place. 




When the stars align, you know you are being looked after. We are so excited about this collaboration between us and Me and Mini Clothing. Our tees are exactly what we represent and we couldn’t be happier to work with a brand that has the same values us.
​A little bit about the collab….
If you have been following us for a while you will know my Instagram is a legacy to my late mother who we lost very unexpectedly when I was pregnant with my eldest son, Hunter. Suzanne was a woman of grace and elegance. Storyandco is also our story, love letters written to my boys teaching them wisdom I’ve learnt, showing them a perspective of their mum and the unconditional love they will always receive from myself and their Dad, my beautiful and supportive husband Adam.

This collaboration had to represent us. A family that loves fashion and style (so we created something everyone could wear), a dialogue about family and love, and a message of hope and grace. Whether it is a onesie for your newborn, a tee for your toddler, a mama and mini combo, daddy and mini set or the whole family (or even you and your mum), or you and your partner (unconditionally loves), there is something for everyone. 

Be soft. Stay soft.

the essence and magic of childhood

Set one (sold separately) 
Mini: Stay Soft.
Adult: Be Soft.
{available in white tee and black text}

stay soft.
{the essence and magic of childhood, softness. No judgements, no anxiety, no hate, not jealousy, no pain, no expectations – just warmth, always warmth. So I pray the world doesn’t turn my boys hard, and they always remain soft. } 
be soft.
{in a world where we can be turned jealous, bitter, disappointed, I urge you to stay soft. Don’t let the lows of life change you, remember the good times, keep looking up and stay soft, stay warm. Don’t let anyone or any event take that away from you. }
Inspired by and designed for Suzanne Marie and our babies.

Unconditionally loves. Unconditionally loved.

love with no condition and ask for nothing in return

Set two (sold separately) 
Mini: Unconditionally loved.
Adult: Unconditionally loves. 
{available in grey tee + white text or white tee + black text}

Reflecting on my mother when she passed away and describing her to others, it was easy. She loved my brother and myself, unconditionally. She was always there for us, her love was selfless. She put us first till her very last breath. So we always felt unconditionally loved. I was recently asked in an interview what motherhood meant to me. My husband and I both agreed,  it is a blessing, a love that is selfless, and unconditionally loving (that means you love with no condition, nothing in return). For us, this is what Jesus does for us too. After reflecting on my mother passing, I stopped and reassessed my life. What was important to me? What did I want my husband and children to say about me when I one day meet Jesus? That I was a loving and selfless wife and mother. If my husband and children can say this about me at the very end, I would of achieved my goal. The t-shirt also symbolises the love between my husband and I – we unconditionally love each other. 
Furthermore, to us, when you love, you love without asking for anything in return (that is kindness). That is pure love and something someone can never take from you. So in a world where people may try to control you, your heart, your actions because of their pain, I encourage you to stay soft and unconditionally love others (whether they deserve it or not), always keep your integrity and the person you want to be.

We would just like to extend our gratitude to Me and Mini Clothing, they have been a DREAM to work with, so encouraging and supportive plus the quality of their tees are beautiful (hubby wants one in every colour) 😉

I encourage you to stay soft and unconditionally love others (whether they deserve it or not), always keep your integrity and the person you want to be.

Meet Me and Mini Clothing…
Two dads dreamt big, made their fashion hobby into a business. They swapped spew and playgroup conversations to fashion for minis and adults. Juggling life as dads, husbands and businessmen, they are truly inspiring and a breath of fresh air. Meet the dads behind the creative brand. 

Tell us a little bit about you and your family? 
We are 2 (hands-on) dads behind the Me and Mini Clothing (MMC) brand. Dad #1 is MJ who looks after Sales & Marketing, Social Media curator and Product Design. MJ is daddy to Cadence (2 years old) and is expecting another baby girl in 3 months time. Dad #2 is Francis who is the Website curator and also looks after Graphic Art and Design.  He is daddy to Matilda (also 2 years old). Everything is designed and handmade in Sydney, Australia.
When did you start the business?
Why did you start it?
Our partnership was formed when we bonded over beers and the conversation was about playgroups and spew (typical parenting convo). We soon discovered our shared passion for funky and unique street wear but we couldn’t find that same funky flare for our baby girls  – so we thought we’d design and make them! Soon enough, we started getting compliments and enquiries about the shirts that our daughters were wearing.  That eventually led to turning our hobby into the brand that it is now. 
You offer $5 off the “My People” t-shirt to a charity in the Philippines. That is awesome. Why this charity? What does it mean to you? 
Having grown up in the Philippines, we’ve witness first hand how impoverished children can be deprived of basic necessities such as a loving home, a hearty meal and basic education.  This sad reality has always struck a soft spot, but even more so now after becoming parents ourselves.  And as blessed as we are right now, we also would like the MMC brand to be a responsible social citizen and give back to the community  (This is just one among our other advocacies such allergy awareness and ASD awareness)
What are your favourite sayings/quotes? 
“Great things never come from being comfortable”. Anonymous
How do you manage your business and family time?
We’d be lying if we claimed it isn’t a huge challenge. You really need time management, lots of patience (lots of it!) and of course the support from our family (especially to our wifeys Deborah and Elizabeth) and friends. But doing something we’re passionate about makes the challenge still seem like a lot of fun. 
What are your plans for me and mini clothing? 
We’d really like to have a global reach. For our message and passion to reach as many people as possible but without diluting the message of the brand which is “cool, funky and hip aesthetics with a purpose”
Any advice for someone else out there wanting to start their business?
Be a solution. Rather than starting your idea with what to sell, think about what it will solve. It’s a lot easier to gain a solid customer base when your business is addressing an issue. Your startup should fill a hole in a certain market or niche. Be different and unique. Balancing your passion with wisdom and also do what you love.
What do you love about these custom designed by Story and Co t-shirt sets? 
They’re great shirts – casual enough to dress down but the neutral colour palette can be dressed up as well. But more importantly, the shirts capture a mood, a feeling and a sentiment. It speaks volumes of what our hearts feel as parents and as a family. 
If you could invite anyone to a dinner party (dead or alive) who would you invite? 
Kanye West.  As much as he can be polarising, you’ve gotta admit, he knows how to get his brand talked about. 
I would too, but of course Kim would have to come 🙂 – Jo 
If you could make a custom made t-shirt for anyone, who would it be and what would it say on it?
Virgil Abloh he is an American fashion designer who has been the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear collection since March 2018. Apart from his service to the Louis Vuitton, Abloh serves as the chief executive officer of the Milan-based label Off-White, a fashion house he founded in 2012. The custom made design would be ” It’s ok to wing it” (an architect is not limited to building buildings, they can build anything they want, in his case you can be an architect of designs and etc.)

Me and Mini Clothing:
Instagram @meandminiclothing

15% off discount code for storyandco followers. CODE: storyandco

love + grace

Jo xx

The comments +

  1. Tim says:

    I love that men can wear this! As a father of 3, and an at home dad, this is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing Jo

  2. Rebecca says:

    Always so much heart and soul in everything you do. Beautiful collection. Can’t wait to wear when it arrives. Well done!

  3. Grace says:

    I love these tees. I’ve beeb following you for a while and think you have such a beautiful soul Jo. I can’t wait to get these for my boys. What a great idea. A beautiful idea lovely

  4. Daniel says:

    Awesome ! So creative and love the photos. And yes Dads can be soft and we do love unconditionally. Great read and business advice too

  5. Danielle says:

    I love the colours you have chosen. A beautiful little collection. Your mumma will be proud. So inspiring Jo xo

  6. Jane says:

    I am so proud of you jo. You have always shown me how loving and caring you are. You are a beautiful mother to my grandchildren. A loving wife to my son and have also shown me kindness. Love the tshirts and I love you unconditionally.
    Jane xxx

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