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June 14, 2018

Winter edition: Mama + Mini


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I love fashion. I always have! As a little girl, I would lay out all my barbie’s outfits one by one and choose her daily outfit. Fashion was a bond that mum and I shared and we loved shopping together. She had impeccable taste. So I think I just always thought I would have a girl. I always saw myself dressing a little girl. So with two boys, I wasn’t sure what I was really doing. I love shopping for my husband, so once I sort of took the same approach I started to love to dress my boys.
And just because you have boys doesn’t mean you have to miss out on twinning with them. I will show you how.
Based on the latest runway trends, I have put together a winter edition for mama and her minis. Mums with boys or mums with girls or mums with both can adopt all of these tips. But remember one thing – these aren’t rules! There are none! Only suggestions and what has worked for us! Have fun with it, we won’t be able to do this forever 😉 #imaginetwinningwithyourteenager 

Top 5 winter tips  for Mama and mini

#1 Twinning
With twinning, I mean the exactly the same outfit, usually in adults/kids sizes. I am loving all the different options out at the moment especially for winter. Basically when you do twinning, your mini just looks like they are in a miniature outfit to yours (same fabric, colour, brand, style). When wearing this look, my major tip for this one is; only wear it, if you like the piece individually and would wear it still without your babe. You don’t want to come across as too costume-y. Some brands that we love and work well with twinning are @mad_about_mini , @frankiejonesthelabel and @beauhudson. You can also personalise your looks for the whole family which is also another great way to achieve twinning. We love @meandminiclothing for our personalised looks. 
#2 Matchy Matchy
Matchy matchy often can be confused with twinning, but it is a little different. You come across an outfit that you love for your babes and they don’t have in your size? That is ok, just recreate it. Really easy to do with jeans or a similar colour palette. This is a really fun and creative way of matching without being exactly the same as twinning. Great start if you aren’t ready for twinning. 
Hunter’s hat is @fini.thelabel
#3 Accessories
Such an easy way to match whilst still keeping your personal style. Winter is great for accessories, I am loving hats, belts, beanies and scarves. So many stores are starting to do mama/papa and mini matching in the accessories department. @fini.thelabel do some beautiful hats and turbans for girls too.
Matching hats from ​@fini.thelabel
Matching Hermes belts
Scarves. Hunter’s from @beauhudson and Jo’s from @seedheritage
#4 Colours
This would probably be my favourite and my go-to, because I can dress us all in our own personal style (including hubby) but we all complement each other, whether it is hubby and myself, or myself and both boys, or hubby with one of the boys. So choose a colour palette and you can mix and match even with textures or patterns. This is good for boy mums too, because you can still wear a dress but match your mini. When there is more than two of you, you might have an olive top + cream jacket and black jeans, one child might have a cream scarf + olive pants, another child might have a black top and cream beanie. Possibilities are endless and ties you all in together (and great for photos too) this is my go-to 🙂
Denim, black, light grey
Beige, mustard, cream (with hints of black)
Denim, tan, white, black 
Denim, tan, olive
#5 Same item of clothing but styled differently
I would include the same colour pallet for this one (eg. Overalls but all wearing a black top underneath). This is a great option so you can still dress like an adult but your kids can still look like kids if you know what I mean. For winter I am loving turtlenecks, overalls, suits and checks.
Denim overalls and a pinny
If you have any questions comment below. If you want to follow along with our fashion journey (we always twin or watch) follow us on our instagram @storyandco 

love + grace

Jo xx

The comments +

  1. Sammy says:

    It is so nice to see a boy mum for a change being so stylish, and doing matchy matchy so well. Thank you for this Jo

  2. Natasha says:

    Love this so much. So stylish and so many great tips. You have a beautiful family

  3. Mel says:

    Love those hats, and the matching outfits! So many stylish options. Love the jumpers and the mad about mini too! Thanks for sharing, this has been so inspiring, especially as a fellow boy mum!

  4. Natalie says:

    Gorgeous Jo! Loved it! X

  5. MJ says:

    Big fan of your style and thanks heaps for the tips and inspiration Jo. We dads love #matchymatchy #twining with our daughters too. 😉

  6. fini says:

    Thank you so much for the feature. It warms our heart that we can provide an accessory to allow mums to match both their boys as well as girls & to see it in action on your wonderful blog is bliss 🙌🏻😘

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