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April 8, 2020

Working from home outfits


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Working from home running my own business with 3 kids

My outfits for a week at home

Working from home was something I never envisioned for myself. Why? Because I love fashion too much and I wanted to be able to get dressed up each day. As you can see fashion is a huge passion of mine. I found working from hard, because I just didn’t feel confident with what I was wearing.

Outfit from Kmart

Jumper is NEXT
Tights and tshirt are Aritzia

I am not the type to stay in pjs all day but I just started to wear activewear all day and I hated it. So I needed to find things that were:


Comfortable and Practical


Take me from a zoom call to changing a nappy

Jumper is Aimn Oceania
Pants are Stradivarius
Set is from Kmart

Top is Kmart
Tights are Pretty Little Things

For me it is about choosing a colour palette that I love which is neutrals, blacks, whites and tans. It makes it easy to mix and match and for me to get ready.

I team most of my outfits with sneakers

I try to organise my set of outifts a week in advanced so I don’t waste time or make a mess and I quickly can get dressed of a morning so I don’t revert back to the activewear. Layering is a great option for at home too.

Top is Zara
Shirt is Stradivarius
Tights are Pretty Little Things
Tights is Aimn Oceania
Top is Zara
Shirt is Stradivarius

I love working from home with my 3 babes and I feel stylish too

love + grace

Jo xx

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