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Meditation is a huge part of my life and something I offer to our 3 children. I have always had a very active and analytical mind and found meditation difficult for many years. But I have found what feels good and what works for me. I started with a simple promise to myself starting with 1 minute a day and gradually increasing it. I now look forward to meditating daily and using this opportunity to return to me (my higher self/God - whatever word resonates with you). It has given me the calmness & direction to make decisions, and eases my energy so I can enjoy peace on a daily basis and stop seeking from 'other' (for direction or validation) - everything is within me. Meditation can help you quite your mind and hear your Divine wisdom. I have created them under 10 minutes and provided journal prompts for each. Sending you an abundance of love and gratitude. 

miracles are available when we train our brains

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Kids Body Love Meditation

Ask your child to choose something they like to do (painting, drawing, dance, music) or pick a favourite toy and express what they saw, the colours, the movement, the sounds and how they felt. Allow this to be open and see what comes out. Or simply provide some silent time and cuddles together. 

A beautiful short meditation for children to appreciate their body kingdom and everything it does for them. I recommend parents listening to this prior, to ensure it is right for their child. I recommend parents do it along side their children too, to show them that they too, love and appreciate their bodies. 
Ages 4+ (however dependant on each individual child), for younger children you can play in the background before nap times.

Activity suggestion 

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for adults


Cord Cutting Meditation

We need to clean ourselves energetically everyday. Thoughts from ourselves and others are like bullets into our energetic field, we have to release them and clear them otherwise you will be carrying this around, weighing you down. We put cords of attachments into each other without even knowing, so it is important to cut these. Even the smallest of judgements can weigh you down. You won't be cutting cords of love, only negative cords.

journal prompts

1. How did you feel when you saw the person/people in front of you?
2. How did you feel after cutting the cord? Physically and emotionally
3. Were you able to visualise them as a child? If not, why do you think you can’t?

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Forgiveness Meditation

How do we forgive people that have hurt us, traumatised us, how do we see the light? Remember what anyone does to you, has nothing to do with you. They were truly traumatising internally and had so much hardship and pain within themselves that they thought it was okay to hurt you. If we can see them with compassion and we can release them spiritually, we aren’t ignoring or excusing their behaviour rather than just releasing them with compassion but most importantly we are releasing ourselves from judgement and providing compassion to ourselves. Forgiveness isn’t for them but it is for you, darling friends. The way you get harmony within you is through your thinking.

journal prompts

1. Who did you place in the green light bubble?
2. Is there still more healing that needs to be done here? (inner child meditation)
3. How do you feel once you have placed them in the bubble? 
4. Could a cord cutting meditation possibly help with further forgiveness?
5. If you put multiple people in the bubble, is there a connection/feelings that is reoccuring between them? (e.g. issues around trust, perfectionism, blame etc)

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Inner Child Healing Meditation

We all have an inner child, which is the original mind and our true self. But during childhood we all are conditioned by well-meaning parents, carers, teachers, family and friends. As children our minds interpret situations differently to an adult's mind and sometimes we 'fill in the blanks' to make sense of a situation which in fact can be very traumatising and also shapes who we think we are and how we perceive others, our relationships and our world. You may have experienced trauma (for that I am deeply sorry), but don't judge your trauma (however big or small), I congratulate you for taking the steps to heal. Return to little you, remind you that you are loved, worthy, supported and full of light. This isn't to judge parents or carers or yourself, rather a space to gently heal and return to you, reminding you that you have all the inner resources to do so. Please go gently with yourself. 

journal prompts

1. Could you visualise your home? 
2. How did you feel walking into the home?
3. What memories came up?
4. What do you think these memories are telling you or revealing to you?
5. Who was with you in the home?

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Surrendering Meditation for Anxiety

What you think about expands, So I try to focus on the things I love rather than the things I don't so naturally good things come my way. And when they rarely don't (life is also about lows & hardships which is how we learn), remembering that we are all where we are meant to be, if something happens, it was meant to happen, whilst this can be difficult to accept sometimes, it is a beautiful reminder to allow and surrender to the Universe. It has your back. Remember we don't own anything or anyone, we come into this world with nothing and we leave the same way. So fiercely clinging to things, people, situations, makes no sense. So relax the grip so you can make room for the good things. Allow yourself to trust in the Divine (God/source/higher self/Universe/angels) whilst you may not be able to see it (I ask, do you believe in air? Can you see it?), Surrender and become unattached to how things are going to turn out, whilst it may be difficult, know you are exactly where you are meant to be.  

journal prompts

1. How do you feel after placing your worry into the basket?
2. How could you possibly incorporate this into your daily life?

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