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September 25, 2017

36 week bumpdate


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Our scare…
I wasn’t too sure if we would make it here for this bumpdate. It has been pretty full on for the last couple of weeks.. All in all this pregnancy has been really good until we had our scare at 32 weeks and 4 days.
So everything has been travelling quite well in this pregnancy until I hit 32 weeks. With Hunter I had a scare around the same time but totally different, they thought I had a blood clot near my heart with Hunter. I got the shortness of breathe again this time round, but I knew what to expect so just went with it and laid down when I could. This time round – totally different and nothing like this with Hunter. On Tuesday morning (32 weeks + 4 days) I was sitting on the lounge waiting for my uncle to arrive to look after H as I had an obstetrician appointment. Full of excitement, as I love visiting the OB but mainly to see bubba on that ultrasound. Hunter was playing on his slide in his playroom and I was just sitting watching. Then all of a sudden a huge gush came out of me and didn’t stop. I thought shit! My waters have broken. I quickly got to the toilet. It wasn’t my waters, it was blood. I was covered in it. It just kept coming out like a tap. I sat down and rang my hubby who said he would be there right away. Hunter was trying to climb all over me and there was blood everywhere. It then suddenly hit me, I haven’t felt the baby move in the last 24hours – not once. I didn’t think much of the lack of movement at the time because I hardly ever felt Hunter move in my pregnancy but this little one moved all the time. So I panicked. I was trying to get him to move but nothing. I knew my uncle still was about 30 mins away. I quickly called my sister in law who lives close and lucky she was just around the corner. When she got here she rang the birth suite for me and they said to come in immediately. I got onto my OB’s office and they said they would have a wheelchair waiting and my OB will be there. Hubby got home and we jumped in the car. I thought, yep, I’ve lost him, I’ve lost my angel. I couldn’t feel him and the blood just wouldn’t stop (I don’t mean a heavy period, I mean, gushing out non stop). I had images and flash backs of driving to the hospital to see mum, saying to Adam, yep she is gone, she is gone. And now I felt I was going through it again. I thought I have to deliver my baby now, who had passed away. I had no pain or cramping just constant flow of blood and no movement. Got into the birth suite, was put on the bed and straight away I felt a kick. They strapped me up and I heard his heart beat. Thank you God and mum, thank you thank you thank you! My little boy was ok. My OB came in and straight away, he checked me but like myself, he was relieved to hear his heart beat. He told me if I start to contract he will have to deliver as I was bleeding too much. He couldn’t delay labour as I would just continue to bleed to death. So I tried to stay calm so my little boy could stay in there longer. I know babies can survive at 32 weeks but I have little babies. When Hunter was born at 39 and 2 days, he was the size of a 36 week old baby. So this little one was only the size of a 29 week old bubba – he needed to cook longer. I was hooked up, given my anti-d injection and just had to be monitored, nothing was better than listening to his heart beat all day. I started to contract (I didn’t even realise I was, as it came up on the machine), but it didn’t progress. I bled for 15 hours, stopping around midnight. I was so weak and exhausted but so relieved. I stayed in overnight whilst they continued to monitor me. My OB let me go home on the condition that I do not lift Hunter and am on bed rest otherwise I was to stay in hospital till I deliver. He said it could start again and if it does it usually is a lot worst and he won’t let me go home till baby is out. He said I haemorrhaged but doesn’t know where from. The bleeding wasn’t from the baby so either the placenta or uterus. Still they don’t know. Later on the midwives told me, they had been prepped for a still birth. Oh my goodness my guardian angel had been protecting us both. I’m still on bed rest as much as you can be (with a toddler) but definately trying to not do much as I want to avoid having him early. So happy he has cooked for another 4 weeks. Just a little bit longer. I am nervous as we don’t know where it is coming from, but he is growing perfectly and seems fine. Trying to remain positive and hoping there is nothing wrong with my little darling boy. 

Currently loving…
*my tummy is beautiful. I’m lucky I have no stretch marks, so it is lovely watching bubba kick and move about in there.
*last minute organisation – packing hospital bag, getting clothes ready, meal prep – the excitement of meeting our little darling.
*seeing Hunter cuddle my belly and give the baby kisses. I love seeing them bond already.
Current annoyances…
*the scare and bleeding. Obviously not knowing where it came from so just starting to get a little anxious as it is uncommon too.
*lost my plug really early just after the scare.
*leg cramps and restless legs – all day long. I am having a bath everyday at the moment to help it a bit. I am literally up till 3am with the pain. 😢😢
*the weight gain. 30kgs and I feel awful. I am so ashamed. I nearly left this bit out but I needed to be true to myself. I will loose the weight, I am determined. And it starts with accepting it. I am going to share my journey on here to help other woman if they experienced the same as me. 
*not being able to do much – drives me crazy! And having to rely on others for help otherwise I could end up back in hospital.
*heaps of pressure, stretching down there, and just started back contractions (I’ve heard with second pregnancies this can last up till a month before labour!) 
Currently craving…
*fresh salad – tomatoes, cheeses and crusty bread 
*mangoes (I did with Hunter too) 
Currently obsessed with…
*all the new baby clothes 😍
*my beautiful new monogrammed baby handbag from the daily edited and mimco with the nappy society insert so I can chop and change between the bags
*my new gorgeous Redsbaby pram
*the bachelorette. Sophie Monk is killing it! 
*new season of KUWTK – obsessed! 
*the happiest toddler book 
Currently wearing…
Anything that fits. Black. Leggings. Feeling very unattractive this pregnancy. I’ve put on a lot of weight and don’t feel myself at all. 
Currently researching…
*last time I was researching what to put baby in during the day. I went with the Nuna Leaf. So we will see how it goes.. Hunter loves it so at least he will use it. 
*emotional intelligence 
Currently doing…
*nesting has officially began and it is in full swing. The other day I made 3 lasagna, 5 pasta bakes, 4 pies, stuffed eggplant, 3 weeks worth of lactation cookies… all in the freezer now. 
*cleaning (well trying to do it slowly) 
*just wrote my letter to bubba which is the same time I wrote my letter to Hunter.

What to do next:
I am all ready! Hospital bag is packed. Core blood kit has arrived. Meals have been prepared and frozen. Just have last minute appointments (which have to be planned just right – so isn’t too late but not too early) 

Hopefully next update is minus the bump plus the newborn 😍

love + grace

Jo xx

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