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June 5, 2017

Bump Date – 20 weeks


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We have reached the half way mark! And boy am I feeling it! I’m excited to be able to have a blog because I can document my pregnancy which I didn’t get to do with my first, Hunter. As my babes will only be 18 months a part, I remember a lot of my first pregnancy so I will be comparing them in each bump date. 

I didn’t document my first pregnancy mainly because I was just trying to get through each day. My beautiful Mum, passed away the day before I found out I was pregnant. So I was grieving throughout my whole pregnancy with Hunter. My aim was to get up each day, breathe and basically just survive. That is all I could manage. Once I had Hunter, the Mama love bubble + exhaustion took my mind off my grieving but I have found now that I am pregnant again, all the emotions of loosing Mum have hit me just like they did when it first happened. A mixture of pregnancy hormones, post traumatic stress of relating pregnancy to loss & simply starting another new chapter without mum, has made me extremely emotional throughout this pregnancy. 

To be honest, with this pregnancy I have just wanted to stay home + not leave the house. I’ve just wanted to shack up with hubby + Hunter. Which is not me at all. I love being around people, and a major extrovert, I am definately the opposite to a homebody, but I just don’t feel like socialising. Missing my mum has really taken over me and I often find myself crying a few times a day for her. I’m not depressed, I know the difference, I’m grieving still (I don’t think you ever stop – something I will blog about later). 

Both my pregnancies are complete opposite! From the beginning extremely different…here are some differences to date.

Hunter – first pregnancy:

  • No nausea but vomiting all day + night for 9 months
  • No food adversions, wanted to eat meat (even though I was vegan at the time) and so many food cravings
  • Skin and hair were glowing + flawless 
  • Cooked and baked all day + night – could not get enough of baking
  • Craved sweet foods all the time
  • Low labido 
  • A lot of energy (average 6hrs sleep) 
  • 10kg weight gain in entire pregnancy
  • Didn’t start to show (even a bump at all) until 25 weeks
  • Holding really high (breathing problems + rib pain) 
  • Weight gain only in the bump, cute little pop
  • Very sensitive boobs + nipples (couldn’t wear a bra) 
  • No bleeding or cramping
  • Zero hair growth on body
  • Hunter hardly ever kicked (only a few times at night, even right at the end)
  • First felt kick at 20 weeks
  • Leg cramps and shin pain from beginning 
  • Migraines started in 2nd trimester
  • Felt beautiful 

Second pregnancy:

  • Nausea until 16 weeks, no vomiting 
  • So many food adversions, the sight and smell of meat makes me feel so sick
  • Pimples for days, pigmentation on my face, oily + extremely itchy scalp
  • Hate cooking (usually love it)
  • Can’t eat sweet food, only salty
  • High labido
  • Extreme fatigue (especially from week 4 – 12) (average 14 hrs sleep) 
  • Already put on 17kg (at half way point) 
  • Started to show at 8 weeks (Size at 20 weeks was size full term in first pregnancy)
  • Holding really low
  • No sensitive boobs or nipples (was even breast feeding Hunter for the first 3 months) 
  • Bled heavily from week 8 – 18
  • Cramping every morning from 18 weeks 
  • Baby kicks all day and night from about 13 weeks
  • First felt kick at 13 weeks 
  • Leg cramps started at 19 weeks 
  • Lower back pain from 4 weeks
  • Migraines started in 2nd trimester 
  • Hair growth all over
  • Feel ugly

So as you can see everything is different to date. Just hoping my labour is the same though (because it was the most beautiful experience which I will write a post on that soon). 
Just a few things I wanted to point out. People say you put on weight quicker with the second because you usually haven’t lost weight from the first. But I had and was 10kg lighter when I fell pregnant with this babe, than I was with Hunter. Also baby has been checked numerous times with the bleeding + cramping, and baby is fine. 

So as you can see if an individual can have polar opposite pregnancies than all woman are completely different. 

Would love to hear your pregnancy experiences, please leave a comment below! 

love + grace

Jo xx

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