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August 1, 2017

BUMPDATE 28 weeks oh hey third trimester


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Hello third trimester, please be nice πŸ™πŸ½
So the last 6 weeks have absolutely flown by! I feel like I was just in the my first trimester. So what has been happening? We have just packed up our family home – the home I left as a Miss and became a Mrs. The home I found out I was going to be a Mama (twice). The last place I ever got to see my darling Mama. The place I found out Mum had been taken to hospital. The house I bought my son home to. Lots of love and laughter shared here but also lots of tears. Lots of life and memories shared in these walls which I will forever be grateful for. Now it is onto a new chapter in our beautiful home. So I have been busy, packing and unpacking, styling and organising. So, second trimester where did you go? Now it is time to nest and relax a little before we go from 3 to 4! And we absolutely cannot wait to meet our darling boy. 

*all the kicking! 
​*Hunter’s kisses everyday on my belly

*daydreaming about the day we meet our baby boy and when Hunter gets to meet his brother for the first time. I can’t wait to see how they interact 
*nesting has began! And the baking of pink things! (I always seem to do this!) 

*pins and needles/cramps in my right leg (I had this with H and it is so uncomfortable. It started in the 1st trimester with H but the 2nd with this babe. I take the pregnancy crampeze which usually help)
*pigmentation on my face!! 😭 2 dark marks on my chin
*going to the toilet every 10 minutes! He is on my bladder 24/7 and is so low!!! 
*weight gain – 19kg 😒 just feel so big!!!

*what to put bubba in during the day (when he isn’t napping or tummy time). I used a bouncer with H but not till 3 months. I want to put him in something earlier. Looking at the Nuna Leaf or Mamaroo at the moment. 
*my low blood pressure and having the epidural (nearly wasn’t allowed to have it with H). 

*not too many cravings and enjoying most foods but loving cold chocolate milk at the moment 

*yummy mummies, the bachelor and all things around styling!!!! 
*googling pregnancy symptoms and when baby usually comes with second child
*how I am going to get to the hospital in time with my toddler 😱

*leggings leggings leggings!!! I haven’t really found my pregnancy style this time round which I think is getting me frustrated at the moment. I think the weight gain hasn’t helped especially because it is all over and not just on the bump! Trying to accessorise a bit more 

*unpacking and organising our new home
*trying to walk for 30minutes a day 
*trying to get Hunter to sleep in his cot all night. I’ve been on the floor on a mattress in his room to transition him. It is working slowly! 

*set up the SNOO 
*wash baby clothes 
*pack baby bag and my bag
*get baby book ready 

Can’t wait to meet you my darling boy. Mummy, Daddy and H love you so much already!!! 


love + grace

Jo xx

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