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July 22, 2019

Evie Suzie Zammit Birth Story


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I was the most anxious for Evie’s labour out of all three of my pregnancies. Right from the beginning. For no reason, my two previous labours with the boys were magical and powerful and empowering experiences. But for some reason, I was just so scared something was going to happen in labour and I really feared that she may be stillborn or have something wrong with her. My pregnancy, with Evie, was my best pregnancy, I felt great so there was no need for anxiety. My OB said it was really common for mothers if they already had 2 or 3 + children already, just because you know and are more aware of what could go wrong.

We were booked in for an induction on Tuesday 14th May 2019, when I was 39 weeks. But little miss had her own plan and wasn’t going to wait. I lost my plug around 37 weeks which was the easiest I had (Hunter was around 38 weeks and Archie I didn’t at all).

Tuesday 7th May 2019, I woke up around 5am with lower back pain which moved to the front. Yep I know I was going to have her today. It was pretty much identical in how I went into labour with Hunter and nearly the same time too. I jumped in the shower. They weren’t as severe as they were with Hunter, but with Hunter, I had never experienced contractions before and I had no prior pain, with Evie my pelvis had separated and Braxton hicks had been going on for a few weeks so the pain was consistent. So I didn’t want to panic as it could have just been strong Braxton Hicks (as I didn’t have the boys till 39 weeks so I thought 38 weeks was a little early). I was seeing my OB at 9am so I got ready as useful. I was home with the boys as Adam was at work. My father in law was coming, as he did, most mornings to help with the boys before he went off to work.

530am I called Adam and said get your Dad over here earlier and ask your Mum to look after the boys, your dad is going to have to drive me to the hospital. The pain wasn’t too strong, but they were contractions and I went very quickly with both my other labours so I didn’t want to risk it. I thought I’m seeing my doctor at 9am anyway, so it didn’t matter if I was a few hours early.

I gave my baby boys a big kiss and cuddle and jumped in the car with my father in law. It was a foggy and crisp morning, the sun was brightly shining through the car. My father in law joked that he couldn’t see as he was blind (because of the sun), which gave me a giggle between contractions. I had a lot of work to go up on my Instagram that day, a whole heap of scheduled story posts and posts that I needed to do which I didn’t want to post after I had the baby, so I was frantically emailing the brands and getting my posts up. I knew I would have her today. I think to focus on this and doing my work, I didn’t notice the pain much at all, and to be honest, I can’t actually remember having much pain, which is wild.

Adam met me at the hospital and we went straight to the birthing suite. I was put into the same birthing room that I had both the boys which was really special. Beautiful Lynne the midwife, checked me and I was only 1cm however very soft and nearly fully effaced. She said 3rd/4th time mums are totally different from first-time mamas, the softness of the cervix is really what they look for because you can go from 1 – 10 very quickly. My contractions weren’t that bad so we asked to go down to the cafe and grab a coffee, I thought the walk might speed it along and if it didn’t I still had my OB appointment at 9am.

We just got our coffee and the contractions started very quickly and very close a part. We quickly got back upstairs. Lynne checked me and I was 5cm! My baby girl was coming today, I was really going to be holding her today, I was so beyond excited. I thought, shit! My emails, I had so many scheduled posts (I didn’t think she would be here for another week!). So I was writing emails and posting. I had created a video the night before, which is what I wanted to post when I was going into labour, I was so lucky I had finished it in time the night before.


The anaesthetist came in and gave me the epidural. This was my third time of having one, but the anxiety rushed over me when he was prepping me. I just couldn’t stop crying, I thought something was going to go wrong. The midwife was really concerned and thought I was going to have a panic attack. But in that moment, I closed my eyes, stayed fiercely still, let those 30 seconds a part contractions go through my body without me even moving and as I closed my eyes, my mummy came to me. I could see her beautiful face right in front of me. She looked at me and smiled (as I am writing this, I am remembering her face, her soft smile, her gentle and kind eyes, her warmth – gosh her warmth). I felt her warm hands take mine (mum always had warm hands) and looked at me lovingly and I felt like she said to me, she is coming my darling, she will be here soon. The tears just poured down my face, but I was calm, truly at peace. My mum was passing over my baby to me.

The epidural was administered, this new epidural (had only just been used on patients in the last week), you can control how strong you want it (similar to a morphine buzzer). It was the best. With the boys, I felt dizzy and sick and I couldn’t feel a thing from the waist down, I couldn’t lift my legs or anything. But this was great, I could feel my legs and could lift them and didn’t feel sick.

Just after having the epidural
Facetiming the boys whilst in labour

Time had flown past, but as always with me, the epidural slows things down. Adam sat next to me whilst I did my emails and work. I literally was getting everything organised when Lynne came back in and broke my waters. I continued on doing all my work on my phone.

After my waters were broken
Adam having a sleep in the birth suite

Around 2.15pm Lynne came back in and said I was 10cm and could see the head! She had a lot of hair (just like the boys). I couldn’t believe the time, I felt like it had only been an hour. When I pushed with Hunter after two pushes he was out but Archie got stuck so I was pushing for 2 hours, so I expected I would be pushing for a while so I started to prepare myself. Adam and I did our prayer as we always do before our babies come, it is one of my favourite parts of labour.

Mum and Dad
The moment before we become a family of 5

Lynne came back in and asked if I would like to have a mirror, she said it really helps with pushing. I knew Adam would hate it and I wasn’t keen on seeing it, but I thought I most likely won’t be having a baby ever again and what a beautiful experience I could be missing out on. So she set it up. It was huge! Haha

At 240pm my OB came in. I was able to lift my legs up, I couldn’t believe it, my legs were dead weights in my previous labours. It wasn’t painful but I could still feel her coming out, a bit like tugging sensation. I started to push and using that mirror was amazing, it really helped and motivated me. Two pushes and our little girl came out and I lifted her up onto my chest.

Our first cuddle

On Tuesday 7th May 2019 at 2.53pm Evie Suzie Zammit was born, stunning beautiful and perfect in every way. Evie was 49.5cm and 4050grams.

She didn’t cry straight away (same as her brothers), when she did, it was music to my ears. I was in a little shock. It was soooooo fast. My quickest labour. Even now looking back, I just can’t believe how quickly and how peaceful it was. Evie was perfect and not one thing wrong with her. I was up within 30 minutes and having a shower after Evie fed and cuddled. I felt great.

Adam and Evie having their first cuddle
Evie’s first cuddle with her daddy

There is a beautiful story about how we decided on Evie’s name.

On 22nd Sept 2015 this is how we came to naming you. I wrote this below text to Adam, 4 years ago, it was a day after my 30th birthday, 1 month after my mum had passed away (I was 12 weeks pregnant with Hunter, we didn’t know the gender at this stage). ⁣

What I wrote to Daddy… ⁣
Hi Darling, guess what has just happened. I was vomiting in the bathroom. hardcore. But I got up and walked out. Don’t know why. I looked in the hallway (opposite our bed – under our letter wall). And there was a single balloon standing there. All the other balloons are still in the lounge room. I had been in the lounge, 10 mins before & they all were there. I then walked over to the balloon & it came really close to me. I felt like it was mum. It went from my belly to my heart. It then moved to the letter ‘E’. And stayed there. I looked at the word & it’s the ‘E’ at the end of LOVE. I said mum are you telling me you love me? I know this. Then the balloon moved a little bit and went back to the ‘E’. I said ok what are you trying to tell me? The balloon then moved straight to the ‘V’. Then back to the ‘E’. I’m going what are you saying?? It just kept doing it ‘E’ then ‘V’ then ‘E’. Then I laid in bed and it has just done the same thing. I think she is telling us to call our baby EVE. Remember you said to me when my mum died…”your mum now – her job is to help us name our baby, what school, what doctors etc.” I think it’s EVE, Adam. Our baby, we need to call her Eve. ⁣

So I was pregnant with Hunter at the time, then we had Archie. But now we have our Evie and of course Suzie after her beautiful Grandma in Heaven.

Just after the ballon went from my heart to my tummy
The ballon on the ‘E’
The ballon on the “V”
Balloon on the ‘E’
The other balloons in the lounge room

Evie, our little darling, you were always meant for us. ⁣You are so loved and protected and your big brothers absolutely adore you. You completed our family sweet pea. Thank you for choosing us.

Boys with Evie
Hunter introducing him baby sister
Our beautiful family of five. Our life is complete.

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love + grace

Jo xx

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