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January 4, 2018

Redsbaby pram review


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So if you have been following me for a while, you will know I love my Redsbaby Jive pram. I’ve had it since Hunter. But lets take a walk down memory lane, so I can really share with you why I think it is so great and how it has become part of our story.

In the beginning: Pregnant with Hunter…
When I was shopping around for a pram, I was only looking for two things – how good it looked and how easy it would be to pack away by myself (boy have I learnt a lot since becoming a Mama of two). I really wanted a tan/leather handle. I wanted navy too. There was a brand I was eyeing off but it was really expensive (that wasn’t really the problem, it was more the fact, I knew I would get sick of things easily and would want another pram when I had my second child). I went to a baby expo and ran into Redsbaby (this is where our love affair began!) Spotted: Navy with tan handles – I was in love and half the price of the other brand I was going to purchase. Funnily enough, the pram which I was going to get, parked right up next to the Redsbaby (another customer) so I could easily compare. One movement and it closes/opens. I was sold! My mindset was, if I didn’t like it, I would just get another one for baby number two!

When Hunter came along…
Hunter was a terrible sleeper. He would never sleep for me during the day and very little at night. He hated the car so that old myth “put them in the car and they will fall right off to sleep” – nope not this kid! The only way I could get him to sleep was in the pram! He loved to be rocked vigorously and we both looked forward to our daily walks (at one stage I was walking 2-3hours a day, just so he would sleep). He was so calm in the pram. But why Redsbaby? Any pram could do it right?. Yep that is what I thought! But read on a little further and I will explain how this wasn’t the case 🙈
I started to realise that my pram was the perfect size. I would look at other people’s prams and they were so much bulkier. This pram was so streamlined and sooooo easy to pack away (as an avid shopper, I needed as much boot space as I could get 😉). Plus everyone would ask me where my pram was from, I would get stopped at least once a day (because it looks so bloody good!).

Round two: Pregnant with Archie…
So being pregnant, the last thing you want is a heavy pram to fold up and put in the boot. The Jive is so light, it was perfect. But people started to tell me, Hunter will hate going in the bottom of the pram when Archie comes along (Redsbaby only has tandem prams not side by side). So I listened to other people. I went out and got a side by side pram whilst I was pregnant. Guess what?! Hunter HATED it! Now this pram, is top of the range (in terms of cost too), and he absolutely hated it. He would scream every time we would go for our walks or to the shops (I relied on my pram). He just couldn’t get comfortable. Plus the side by side pram made me realise just how difficult it was to get around. Did you know you can’t fit in aisles at Kmart with a side by side pram? And it is a very tight squeeze on the escalators (I know you aren’t meant to use prams on there, but the lifts take forever!). Plus he wasn’t even sharing the pram with his little brother yet and he was already screaming. We had to go back to the Redsbaby. This time we got the Jive tandem in grey (and of course with the gorgeous tan handles). As soon as we put him back in it, he loved it! But the biggest question was, how would he go with Archie being in it and him being on the bottom?
Along came Archie…
Once again I get stopped and asked all the time, where is my pram from. It is so good and the best part, we fit in all the aisles, and it’s still so easy to assemble (the side by side one was a nightmare and took up my whole boot and I have an SUV)!
Archie loves it and so does Hunter. He has no problem being under his brother and loves getting in there. Yes there is no room for groceries but I just put a clip on the handle and hang my bags on there. And if I really need to do a big shop, I put Archie in the carrier and just use it for Hunter.
My verdict…
I love this pram! When we had the other pram briefly, hubby would always say can we just get another Redsbaby again. Even down to the accessories. The organiser is the best out of any pram I have seen. It has been designed for mums and dads. Perfect amount of space for two drink bottles, 2 phones, a wallet and keys (and you don’t have to take it off when putting it in the car). I use the sun shade all the time especially as we do a lot of walking. It is so lightweight and streamline. Very easy to pack away. The design is one of the best on the market with their tan details + colour palette. They have a gorgeous new range out (I think I need to get the white one for Baby number 3 when it comes along 😉). Oh and the best part, so reasonably priced. You aren’t just buying a pram with Redsbaby, you are buying into a family. The team at Redsbaby is so helpful, they get back to your emails so quickly and are generally interested in you and your family. Their customer service is second to none! You can get a 30 day trial plus 24months warranty (check their website for more details).
The Redsbaby jive and metro got voted by parents as the 2017 highest rated pram!! It was their second consecutive win, as they were the 2016 winners too!
If you have any questions regarding the pram, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or dm me on Instagram (@storyandco).
Check out the whole Redsbaby range here:

Please share your story with us about your experience!

love + grace

Jo xx

The comments +

  1. Sarah says:

    I have been waiting for this!! Thank you Jo! Always so honest and authentic. Going to get one now for sure!!! 🙂

  2. Aaron says:

    Thanks Jo! My wife and I have found this really helpful. Can’t wait to get our Redsbaby now before baby comes along in May.

    • Jo @storyandco says:

      Hi Aaron
      Thanks for your message and so glad you have found it useful. Good luck with bubba 🙏🏽

  3. Ashley says:

    Love your photos. Always so beautiful. A long time follower and loved reading your story as always. My sister in law needs a new pram and told her, your review was coming soon. She will love it. Thanks hon, for always sharing and helping others x

  4. Holly says:

    Hi Jo – Great review!
    I think we are about to order the jive!
    Can I ask where you found the cute liner??
    Thanks x

  5. Brooke says:

    Awesome review! I’ve been eyeing these prams off for awhile now and can’t wait to purchase the Jive2. As a first time mum I love the look and style, but can’t decide on colour. My favourite is the light grey, but I wonder how easy this is to keep clean and maintain? How have you found this in the light colour compared to the navy?

    • Storyandco says:

      Hey hun
      Glad you found it useful.
      So i have had the navy and now have this grey. To be honest the navy was a bit easier to keep clean, but in saying that, because I have the liner, I just wash those and the pram hardly gets dirty at all! But I don’t really let the kids eat in the pram much too. So if you are a bit of a clean freak like me, the grey is totally fine x

  6. Meghan says:

    Do you think that it seems squishy on the bottom for Hunter? Does he have ample room?
    Would love your feedback!

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