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September 25, 2017

What I packed in my hospital bag


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I like to be prepared, so I packed my bags just after our scare at 32 weeks. You just never know what may happen. It is already in the media room, so it is one less thing we have to think about. 

I think the biggest thing I have learnt from baby number 1 is how to pack my hospital bag. I have decided to use one suitcase for us both as I pack way too much if I have two. Taking photos is great for my blog but also makes it really easy to know what I have in my suitcase and I just save in a folder in my phone. It is already organised for me, so I don’t have to think much. Also another thing I learnt was, use zip onesies not the buttons (nightmare when you are exhausted at night). I also invested in some beautiful organic onesies, so soft and can be worn during the day if I dont’ feel like ‘dressing him up’ (which I am sure I still will, but you just don’t know what may happen during delivery etc). I also found by being organised like this, when we get home, we can use the outfits even if we don’t use them in hospital. My last tip – lactation cookies – help that milk flow and a healthy snack, especially for those late night feeds!
1x Core Blood Kit (see review on core blood)
1x suitcase (otherwise I will pack too much)
~Everything is 0000 (newborn) as I have little babies + I found that even with Hunter, 0000 was big.
• 4 x day outfits (layering as it will be mid Spring but still cool in the hospital) this includes:
– 4x short sleeve onesies (Bonds, Zazzle, Sparrow Designs via One Little Two Little) 
– 3x nappy covers (Coco Bear, Wilson & Frenchy)
– 2x stockings/long socks (Wilson & Frenchy) 
– 3x cardigans/jumper (Toshi & Bonds) 
– 2x organic booties (Toshi) 
👆🏼includes an announcement outfit + going outfit 
• 4x zip suits for bedtime-with feet + hand covers (Wilson & Frenchy, Seed) 
• 4x Singlet onesies ~2x sleeveless + 2x long sleeve – if it is cold at night (Bonds)
• 2x Bibs (Huxbaby & Alimrose) 
• 2x short sleeve day/night onesie incase it is really hot (Hux baby, Wilson & Frenchy)
• 4x pairs of socks (Bonds)
• 2x mittens (Target) 
• 2x dummies (sterilised) 
• 4x beanies (more for photos as they usually don’t like you to have them on them as they can overheat easily) – Bebe, Toshi, Seed 
• 3x wraps (Modern Burlap) 
• 3x zip wraps (Target) – I may or not use these, they tend to not like them in the hospital 
Announcement pieces including:
-Alphabet board (Alpha Board Co)
-milestone timber card (Milestone & Mayhem) 
• 1x 00000 premmie size onesie just in case
• 2x spare zip in case of accidents 
• 1x spare day outfit (in case in there for an extra day) 
Plastic bag (for dirty clothes) 

  • Homemade lactation cookies (see link to my recipe) I make at least 2 for each day and I have 3 weeks in the freezer for when u get home 
  • Bottle of water + healthy snacks
• 3x sets of pjs with matching robes (Bras n Things)
• 1x pair slippers (Ugh Australia) 
• 2x socks (Peter Alexander)
• 1x Pair of thongs (Havianna) 
• 1x pair of tan flats (Midas)
• 5x nursery singlets (Target) 
• 2x nursery bras (beige & black) 
• 10x pairs of big undies (Target)
• 3x tights including recovery pair (Blanqi)
• 2x long singlets (black and white) (Supre)
• 2x long cardigans (Decjuba) 
• 3 x tshirts (black, khaki, mulberry) (Decjuba and Cotton On) 
• 2x packets of maternity pads 

•yellow card & important documents folder 
•toiletries essentials (shampoo + straightener) 
•mints + lip balm 
Baby Bag (handbag)
~this is more just for personal items + a few nappies/wipes for the drive home if there any accidents, otherwise our hospital supplies everything else. 

I use a tote from The Daily Edited 
-4x newborn nappies
-Amolin nappy cream (best thing ever) 
-nipple cream 
-hand sanitizer 
-vitamins (elevit) 
-phone charger 
-wallet / phone / lippie / sunglasses 
My own blanket and pillow (I can’t stand the hospital ones) 

love + grace

Jo xx

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