A kit full of strategies and practical planning guides and instructions for conscious and busy parent.



time saving strategies for parents KIT

Time Saving Strategies Kit is a simple framework for organising your priorities for the Conscious parent that wears many hats. 

✓ You have no time to do anything. 

✓At the end of the day you feel like you have achieved nothing that you actually needed, you feel a bit like a washing, cooking, cleaning and bottom wiping machine. 

✓ You are in survival mode and always doing but never accomplishing what you need or desire. You often fall part when something out of the ordinary happens. 

✓ You often feel frustrated, overwhelmed and all over the place. 

✓ You feel like you are always short tempered or raising your voice at the children and can never get your things done.

✓ You feel guilty because your children are always just in front of the television or devices because that is the only way you can get anything done. 

✓ You procrastinate and never get anything you want that is linked to your self-care, growth, learning or down-time. 

✓ Your coffee is always cold and you can’t remember the last time you and your partner had alone time. 

Does this

sound like you?

Are you putting too much on your plate?

Learn my simple, uncomplicated process for identifying what to prioritise {and what to defer} so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

This kit will help you get organised so you no longer feel overwhelmed and living in chaos. Whilst it is a very practical kit with strategies and sustainable techniques, it is focusing on your mindset, and allowing your authentic self to speak to you rather than doing things that others or society want you to do. It is an unlearning which will help you free up time for your self care and make you feel in control of your life even when things may go wrong. It will give you the flexibility to chase after your dreams and co-create a life you truly desire.

What you will


What will you


✓ How to have an easy and sustainable flow to your daily, weekly and monthly schedule with flexibility.

✓ An intentional and sustainable system to ensure you get the things done you need and desire everyday. 

✓ A framework that encourages a slow existence that cultivates peace and feelings of doing things that are important to you. So you can be calm when a storm shakes up your day. 

✓ A system that provides more calmness, more presence, joy each day and a sense of ‘you’ve got this’ even when things don’t go to plan, for you and the whole family. 

✓ An easy, sustainable and flexible system for your family so the children are doing meaningful activities and not so reliant on you so you can get the things done you need without always rushing. 

✓ Effective strategies on how to use your time intentionally and meaningfully that ensures you look after your wellbeing and fill up your cup.

✓ How to ensure you drink a hot coffee or celery juice, have a date night with your partner and daily time for yourself. 

An instant 13 page downloadable pdf sent instantly to your email. 
Explanation, information plus practical and easy to implement strategies. 

Who is this kit

best for?

This kit is designed for parents, anyone can use it to maximise their time and learn valuable life long skills to organise and co-create their desired life. However, please note there are a few sections dedicated to organising your family and children.

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what people have to say

about Jo

“Jo. An inspirational woman. All her hard work, determination and passion for what she loves honestly pays off and I have never met someone who has helped me in life’s obstacles and in end achieve winning results, every time....Traffic lights work, meditation works, keep it all coming....Thanks for being you. Keep up the outstanding work”

Cartia Bege

“I am so excited about this book, I'm a paediatric physiotherapist and I've always loved and applied Jo's educational advices. The best guides for happy kids”


“Jo has really taught me and shown me practical ways of instilling gratefulness in my kids. That Despite situations or circumstances we have so much to be grateful for and that it isn’t all in material possessions. Jo is an amazing educator, offering practical tips and examples of how to do this, for us we were inspired to create gratitude books with our kids that they can write, or draw things that mean something to them something that prompts them to be grateful and being in a mindset of thanks is teaching my children we truely have so much and just having the freedom and air we breath is something to be truely grateful for. I’ve definitely noticed in my children they are more aware of being grateful and kind to their friends and family. Thankyou jo for giving me tools and applications to teach myself and my family.”

Bec Haynes

“Jo is exceptional at what she does. She helped me come up with a reward system for my children at home. The kids loved helping me draw up the traffic lights and think of items they would not be allowed to play with if in the red zone. I’m so thankful for Jo’s professional guidance and advice. Thanks Jo! My kids behaviour really improved!”

Diana Minchev


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