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August 18, 2020

7 tips on trusting yourself and awakening to your beauty and truth within


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This morning when I woke, during my daily meditation, a memory popped into my mind. A bit like a whisper/reminder that I am finishing a 7-year cycle and heading into a new one. Ironically today is a new moon, a time for new beginnings and new intentions. I looked at the date and it was the 18th of August 2020, 8 is my lucky number. The stars are aligning so they say. But I didn’t know what was to come and truly I was entering into my new cycle, a cycle I like to call gentle. 

The last 7 years has been amazing, meeting my soulmate, getting married, having my 3 babies, starting my own business and publishing my first book, but it also has been 7 years of living in survival mode. This emotional unrest has transformed into my physical body seeing me undergo 3 major surgeries and 3 pregnancies in this 7-year cycle. That is a lot for a body to go through. My last 7-year cycle is called survival.
I am going to take you on a little journey of how my morning unravelled, intertwining my last 7 years and offer an invitation to my 7 tips on trusting yourself and awakening to your beauty and truth within.

1. Compassionately show and feel love.

After my meditation this morning, I was faced with a situation that in the past that was a trigger for me when living in survival. A trigger I have been healing for the past few years now, but I could never get to that final stage. That stage where I just want to send that person, complete love, light and compassion. I no longer focused on their actions as hurting me, I just wanted them to be given enough light to help them along their way (not even to heal them, just to support them). In the past, I always thought the best way I can help is, by preaching or telling them what to do (my intentions were always good, I just wanted to show them what had helped me). All this ended up doing was frustrating me and them. What I have truly learnt is, we all have an inner intelligence that can respond perfectly in any situation, no one needs to tell us what to do, we have the power from within to know what is best for us. So I calmly send this situation compassion and abundance of love and light, anonymously and wanting nothing in return.

2. Consistency and self-discipline.

The awareness then started to come into my body which is what I likened to the body, mind and soul uniting during my daily morning yoga session. I felt a lot of warmth and fire during the yoga session. My back over the past few weeks has been giving me a lot of pain. Which confused and frustrated me. The ego coming out to protect me. I am doing everything, why do I have this pain (lovingly witnessing my ego). Rather, I stood back and witnessed myself, and noticed the new yoga routine I have started, it is stretching and moulding my body in new ways. I pushed through the discomfort lovingly. What I mean by this is, I warmed my body, supported it when I needed to and rested it when it needed to, but did not blame the yoga for it, I still lovingly showed up for the day, even if I went slowly. The back pain ceased this morning. Making small promises to ourselves every day, even when we might not see results and may only get discomfort and frustration, but it is during these moments that great things are happening.

3. Enjoy the process, not the end result.

Once this fire and warmth came out of my body, I knew something was happening. I instantly started to do my inner child healing meditation that I have been doing over the past 3 months. I have been working through a situation that happened to me when I was a little girl with a group of girls which had produced a lot of trauma. Until recently I had been living with that conditioned mind and trauma for most of my life. I have lovingly been working through this, by being aware of my reactions, noticing my consciousness, journaling, healing my inner child, being out in nature, and lots of love to ‘little Jo’. It has been a process and something I have been showing up to every day. But today, was the day. When I went back into my childhood home during meditation and visualisation, I finally healed this situation. Little Jo, realised she had all the inner intelligence to be able to deal with this situation as she had been lovingly and compassionately supported by me. Little Jo, led the meditation, and went back and truly forgave those girls but again like the above scenarios, she truly saw their pain, and lovingly just wanted to send them love and compassion, which she did during the visualisation. Over the past 25 years, I have been tormented by what they did, and it has greatly affected my other relationships. Over the past few months, I have been forgiving myself and then forgiving them, but today, I recognised in my whole body (that mind, body and soul untied), and when I say me, I mean, little me, little Jo, truly saw the situation with so much love and compassion. I only wanted to give these girls happiness and light, no matter what they were saying or doing. I recognised in this moment, this was healing and a transformation of this particular past pain (the perfectionist, the people pleaser, the little girl that was reliant on others to give her, her worth), was dissolved in this moment, but it really has been a series of moments everyday working at it, which truly made this final destination worthwhile. The process has been just as good as this final destination. The celebration isn’t the end moment, rather, it is the stepping stones leading up to it.

4. Surrender and put the clock away.

Over the past few months and in particular this morning, I have always been so reliant on time. Last year, I just never had enough of it, always chasing my tail. Then being so organised to the minute to help me get everything done, which don’t get me wrong, some days, I need. But most days, I don’t. Energy and living as our soul self, our true self, has no time. I think I really understood this during my recent reflection of my mother’s 5 year anniversary of her passing. Time goes quickly but in the spirit world, we don’t use time to measure things. So each day I surrender and I am flexible. I go with my inner intelligence to guide me. I actually get so much more done too and I seem to have so much more time. This morning, I knew something big was happening. It was my ‘work’ day and I needed to get stuff done, but rather, I knew this was more important, so I surrendered and went with it. That is listening to that beautiful whisper that is called your intuition.

5. Set intentions each day.

I do this every morning during my meditation. I don’t know what it is going to be, but after a few deep breaths and some silence, I see where in my body, I am feeling discomfort and then move to my heart. I just wait till I hear that whisper and usually just state the 2 or 3 words that come to me. This reminds me to surrender and be flexible with the day. I focus on my soul words, like creative, gentleness, compassion, flow rather than get the washing done, write a blog etc. These activities still get done but it gets done with intention. I will write a blog later on intention but I now do everything with intention. When I eat something, when I do shopping when I meditate when I spend time with my husband, and when I create work and even when I share on my stories on Instagram. I always place an intention first, that way I am fully aware and everything is done from consciousness and my true self.

6. Ground it.

Ground your learnings and your reflections for yourself first before telling someone else or trying to teach another. This is a big one for me. I would spend time calling others telling them what I had learnt or even think how I can teach others without even letting it sink in. This is probably an effect of the modern world we live in, that we always have access to others and have social media to share our constant streams of thoughts. However, by sharing and not grounding first, takes away valuable learning and reflection for you. I love to write, so I journal and write it out straight away, to ground it and I usually come across some wonderful insights in the process. I then draw if I feel called to. Sometimes it might just be walking outside in nature or having a dance. Just ground it for you first, then surrender and see what this learning teaches you. I lovingly do this for me first. I do this process now with any learnings I might hear from a book or podcast too, rather than recycle ideas, I see what my soul creates from it.

7. It never ends.

Whilst this morning, this moon and this 7 cycle of ‘survival’ has ended and a new one has begun ‘gentle’, it is just a beautiful chapter that closes, this doesn’t mean I still don’t have more healing to do, more learning and growing. This never ends. But I am ready for the next level of consciousness, and there is so much more to come. It doesn’t make this last chapter worse or this new chapter better, it is just a reminder that this is exactly where I am meant to be. Remembering what goes up, must come down, and go back up again. This is energy and that is us. It isn’t fearful of what that is, rather the excitement of the journey it will take us on. 

As always, sending you an abundance of love and light and an invitation to recognise you have all the inner intelligence to live your life abundantly.

love + grace

Jo xx

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