Chakras 101 and how to unblock them. By Jo Zammit - Story and Co

May 10, 2021

Chakras 101 and how to unblock them. By Jo Zammit


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You probably have heard this word being thrown around by yogis or maybe someone has said you have a blocked chakra, but what actually is it? 

Chakra means “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. They are a complex and ancient energy system that originated in India.

Some say there are 114 different chakras, but there are seven main chakras that run along your spine (front and back). 

Each of these seven main chakras has a corresponding number, name, color, specific area of the spine from the sacrum to the crown of the head, and health focus.

I personally cleanse/clear my chakras morning and night inhaling golden white light enter from my body, from my crown down to my feet. I encourage and guide my clients in a chakra cleanse to help identify any blockages or trapped emotions. A great way to unblock and clear or provide you with support in the particular energy centre is by wearing the colour of the chakra and say the affirmations. 


Location: base of the spine in the tailbone area 

Colour: red 

Meaning: Physical identity, grounding, security 

Element: Earth

Food: Root vegetables, brown & red (potatoes), capsicum, strawberries, protein, mushrooms, cayenne 

Sound/chant: Lam

A blocked root chakra can manifest as physical issues like arthritis, constipation, and bladder or colon problems, or emotionally through feeling insecure about finances or our basic needs and well-being. When it’s in alignment and open, we will feel grounded and secure, both physically and emotionally.


❤️I am safe 

❤️I am secure 

❤️Money comes to me abundantly 

❤️I am enough as I am 

❤️I am disciplined 

❤️My energy is grounded to bring in healthy energy flow 

❤️I have everything I need for an abundant life 

❤️I nourish my mind, body and spirit 

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Location: just below the belly button, just above the pubic bone 

Colour: orange 

Meaning: sexuality, sensitivity, intimacy, creativity, self expression & emotional wellbeing 

Element: Water

Food: oranges, tofu, fish, nuts, tropical fruits, peanut/nut butter, beans, pumpkin

Sound/chant: Vam

Issues with this chakra can be seen via problems with the associated organs, like urinary tract infections, lower back pain, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and fertility. Emotionally, this chakra is connected to our feelings of self-worth, specifically around pleasure, sexuality, and creativity.


🧡I am blessed with unlimited creativity 

🧡I allow myself to experience ultimate pleasure 

🧡I have a healthy & passionate life 

🧡I respect my body  

🧡I love who I am 

🧡I enjoy sex 

🧡I am sensitive and strong 

🧡I forgive my past and embrace my present 

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Location: Upper abdomen, in the stomach area 

Colour: Yellow

Meaning: Self-esteem, confidence 

Element: Fire

Food: celery, mint, spelt, oats, lemons, yellow or gold foods, complex carbohydrates, turmeric, fennel 

Sound/chant: Ram

Blockages in the third chakra are often experienced through digestive issues like bloating, ulcers, heartburn, eating disorders, and indigestion. It’s the chakra of our personal power. This means it’s related to our self-esteem and self-confidence including procrastination. 


💛 I accept myself completely

💛 I accept that I am learning and growing

💛I fully enjoy everything I do 

💛I am enough and everything I do in my life is enough 

💛I value and trust myself 

💛 I permit myself to fully enjoy everything I do 

💛 I am confident 

💛 I make decisions easily 

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Location: The centre of the chest, just above the heart 

Colour: Green 

Meaning: Love, compassion 

Element: Air

Food: green coloured leafy vegetables, grapes, kale, spinach, broccoli, raw foods, green tea 

Sound/chant: Yam

Blocks in our heart chakra can manifest in our physical health through heart problems, asthma, and weight issues. But blocks are often seen even more clearly through people’s actions.

People with heart chakra blocks often put others first, to their own detriment. It’s the middle of the seven chakras, so it bridges the gap between our upper and lower chakras, and it also represents our ability to love and connect to others. When out of alignment, it can make us feel lonely, insecure, and isolated.


💚 I love and appreciate myself as I am

💚 I am filled with courage

💚 I deserve love health and abundance 

💚 I receive love effortlessly and unconditionally

💚 I give love effortlessly and unconditionally 

💚 I feel stronger, more alive and energised each day 

💚 We are all connected, we are one and deserving of love 

💚 I love, accept myself fully and completely 

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Location: The throat 

Colour: Blue 

Meaning: Communication 

Element: Sound

Food: blueberries, tart & tangy foods, tree growing fruits, salt, sage, lemon grass, soups, sauces, figs, kelp

Sound/chant: Ham

This chakra is connected to our ability to communicate verbally. Voice and throat problems as well as any problems with everything surrounding that area, such as the teeth, gums, and mouth, can indicate a blockage. Thyroid disease, frequent sore throat, difficultly expressing emotions are other signs of blockages.

Blocks or misalignment can also be seen through dominating conversations, gossiping, speaking without thinking, and having trouble speaking your mind. When in alignment, you will speak and listen with compassion and feel confident when you speak because you know you are being true to yourself with your words.


💙 I can freely express my truth 

💙 I share my emotions easily 

💙 I am calm, confident and well spoken 

💙 I can communicate effectively with everyone in my life 

💙 I am learning, and I am growing. We are all learning and growing

💙 I am filled with the power of spirit

💙 I trust my life is unfolding as it should 

💙 I own my power and feel fully alive 

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Location: Between the eyes, on the forehead 

Colour: Indigo 

Meaning: Intuition and imagination 

Element: Light

Food: indigo/ dark blue foods, caffeine, herbal teas, lavender, rosemary 

Sound/chant: Aum

Since this chakra is physically located on the head, blockages can manifest as headaches, issues with sight or concentration, and hearing problems. People who have trouble listening to reality (who seem to “know it all”) or who are not in touch with their intuition may also have a block. When open are in alignment, it’s thought that people will follow their intuition and be able to see the big picture.


💜 I am a wise decision-maker

💜 I am wise

💜 I am grounded in my inner wisdom

💜 I trust my intuition 

💜 I am at peace, whole and balanced 

💜 I am guided by my inner wisdom

💜 I am at all times protected, safe and guided 

💜 I am connected with my highest truth 

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Location: The very top of the head 

Colour: Violet or white 

Meaning: Awareness, intelligence 

Element: Thought 

Food: violet or white foods, detoxing and fasting 

Sound/chant: silence 

The crown chakra is linked to every other chakra (and therefore every organ in this system), and so it affects not just all of those organs, but also our brain and nervous system. It is considered the chakra of enlightenment and represents our connection to our life’s purpose and spirituality. Those with a blocked crown chakra may seem narrow-minded, skeptical, or stubborn. Difficulty meditating, difficulty connecting with others and spiritual discomfort are other signs of blockages. When this chakra is open, it is thought to help keep all the other chakras open and to bring the person bliss and enlightenment.


🤍I am filled with greatness

🤍I let go, and I trust the process of life

🤍I honour my body as a temple that nourishes my soul 

🤍 I am love and joy 

🤍 I am exactly where I am meant to be for my soul’s evolution 

🤍 I am connected with my higher self 

🤍Positivity is attracted to me from Divine spirit 

🤍 I am here for a reason 

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One or more of these energy centres may have resonated with you and another one may tomorrow. If you frequently resonate with one more strongly it may have a blockage. 

As part of my holistic coaching sessions, I take you through this and show you how to create a ritual to frequently identify, cleanse and unblock your energy centers. Book your session now or get your free 20-minute clarity call. Learn more here. 

love + grace

Jo xx

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