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August 5, 2021

How to raise your vibration


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By Jo Zammit

So you are ready to raise your vibration? Are you feeling a little low or stuck in low vibe thoughts and want to increase it? Maybe your child is having a tantrum and you want to be able to hold space for them and not react negatively but find it difficult to remain calm? Or possibly you have woken up in a bad mood and just want to feel better now? 

I get it. Sometimes you just want to have a hit of calmness and happiness. I applaud you for wanting to be self-responsible for how you are feeling and vibing. Good on you. Wanting to increase your vibration, is actually one of the kindest and considerate ways you can give yourself love and others. When we increase our vibe, it not only brings us the things we want sooner (that is just the law of attraction and metaphysics) but it also provides others space to step into their light and raise theirs too. 

Raising your vibration is a will to return to consciousness which is your authentic self, so when you are in this space which is pure love, calmness, light, this is what you will receive. See how you can raise your vibration in 15 ways fast.

What is ‘vibration’?

Dr Joe Dispenza explains a vibration is a state of being, the atmosphere, or the energetic quality of a person, place, thought, or thing. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you. 

All vibrations operate at high and low frequencies, within us and around us. If your vibration is low it will be evident; it’s simply a matter of bringing awareness to your situation and then working on rectifying it. Maybe you are having a health problem or getting a lot more colds, or surrounded by lots of drama or money isn’t flowing as much as you would like. When your vibration is high, however, this is that beautiful sense of living in the flow and bliss. This might look like happiness in states of chaos or jumping out of bed each day full of optimism, things may be progressing particularly well in business, or your money is flowing without much effort.

As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.


15 ways to raise your vibration in 5 minutes


Meditation can help soothe anxiety, calm your mind and relax your body. By practicing meditation it has proven scientifically to calm the nervous system and provide people with feelings of connection and bliss. If you aren’t new to meditation, start slowly and focus on your breathing. Gradually increase it overtime when it feels good. Like exercise, meditation is a practice—the more you do it, the better you get at it, and just as if you were training to get in shape, ten minutes is better than no minutes. There are two parts to meditation: attention and acceptance. If you would like some free and highly effective guided meditations to elevate your mood, presence, and acceptance try my guided 10-minute meditations which you can find here.


When you are feeling down, stop what you are doing, even if it is for 2 minutes, give yourself that attention and love. Go outside. If you can’t, open a window. Breathe in the sun and notice how it feels on your skin. Take your shoes off and put your bare feet on the ground. Lay on your back on the Earth and let Mother Nature hold you and support you. Gently say: I surrender and I ask for support. Place your hand (which is an extension of the heart chakra) on a tree and let the energy of the tree take what you are feeling and transform it back to love. Or go for a simple walk and place your attention on everything you see. Numerous research studies have shown how nature can help reduce pain, fear, anxiety and increase well-being. This is a great was to raise your vibration.

Awareness and prayer

When you have identified that you are feeling low, celebrate this awareness, this is your first step to returning to consciousness. Secondly, when you think of a thought or do a habit that doesn’t feel good or you recognize it is taking you down a path you don’t want to go, simply say out loud – CHANGE. You can further say, “CHANGE, this is not loving and not helpful, I surrender and ask for your help”.

Music, Dance or Yoga

Dance and yoga are active meditation. When you dance you go beyond thought, beyond mind, and beyond individuality to become one with the Divine. This is the essence of trance and instantly increases your vibration. Put on your favorite high vibe song and enjoy the feeling it gives you. Move your body in a way that feels good for you.

Mirror Work

Your eyes are your gateway to your soul, it is the quickest way to connect with your higher self and with others. Look deeply in your eyes and tell yourself something that someone who loves you would say to you. What would your child say about you? How would your parents describer you? What are some loving words your partner or best friend would say about you? Now say these words to yourself, looking deeply and loving in your eyes. Lastly, look deeply and lovingly in the eyes of everyone you encounter too.

Breath Work

Deep breathing is an active form of meditation that allows us to disconnect from the mind and be guided by our body and heart. As we breathe out thoughts, beliefs, memories, actions that do not support our growth, we return to our wholeness. Remember you are not broken, you are whole and this work reminds you of that. There are many different types of breathing but I particularly like the Shamanic breathwork technique. This involves breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth in a circular/connected motion. This is one of the most powerful modalities for creating balance and harmony in all systems of the body. It helps restore equilibrium between the body, mind, emotions, and Spirit.


Emotional freedom technique (EFT) or tapping is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain. There are a lot of videos out there on how you can do this. I like to think of a particular affirmation or feeling I want to manifest and go through the tapping points on my body. It is very freeing and something you can do anywhere which will give you an instant boost of calm and bliss.

Oracle Cards

You are the oracle. Oracle cards or angel cards are such a great way to connect with your inner self. It can instantly show you what is happening on the inside. It isn’t something outside of you or more powerful than you. When you draw a card it is an instant message from your higher self. It helps you connect with your intuition and shows you what you need to do next. So trust the process and have fun with it. Finally, it is an instant mood booster and a great way to raise your vibration.


Journaling is a great way to get all your thoughts out, a bit like a venting session or brain dump. It allows you to be present and focus on how you are feeling right now, it helps you being heard and seen but allows for this lower vibe energy to move out of your body. Don’t think too much about what you are writing, just let it all out. Lastly, this is a great alternative to calling a friend and gossiping or venting. Check out this blog on Journally is my therapist to deal with anxiety.


Read a few pages of an uplighting book. I have always been a self-help book junkie, which is why I became a self-help author. But I love the instant kick they give me (among other things), but I can instantly feel my mood change when I read inspiring and motivational books. I feel connected and heard, knowing someone else has gone through what I have gone through.

Do something kind for yourself

Run a warm bath (try using salts to cleanse the energy around you), order yourself some flowers, go and pick some flowers, have a big glass of water, listen to a podcast, or sit in the sun, for instance. I love to write, even if I don’t share my words with others this is something I do for me. I am completely present in the moment when I am writing. When I am feeling low, I get out my laptop, journal, or even the notes section in my phone (this is really handy if you are at an event and need a quick change of mood) and just write either something creative, something I have learned or something I am pondering over. Furthermore, it allows me to be seen, heard, and validated by myself and not reliant on others for increasing my vibration.

Have a Social Media break

Social media can be an inspiring and motivational space and a way to feel connected. But if you are unconsciously scrolling to distract yourself or find yourself comparing with others or reacting that doesn’t serve you, maybe this is a time to put down the phone. Put a timer on and do one of the above suggestions to shift your mood and vibration. When you are in a lower vibe, the stories you tell yourself will reappear on your social media feed to reinforce those stories, so disconnecting and reconnecting with your inner light will help you raise your vibration quickly.


When you are grateful for your life, you don’t compare yourself to others, instead, you remain focused, present on your own goals, and how you can be happy, and how you can serve others. Spend 5 minutes visualizing what/who you are grateful for and feel the feelings that it evokes for you. Don’t rush this and enjoy this feel-good ad break. Say out loud what are 3 things you are grateful for yourself – what would others say about you? Even if it is as simple (yet so powerful) as you are grateful for your heart pumping blood around your body and it is something you don’t even need to consider or think about, it just does it for you. Be creative! Check out the 10 day Gratitude and Purpose Challenge.


Crystals have many different healing properties. Particular crystals can help you in certain areas of your life, so check out what the different crystals mean to help raise your vibration. I like to wear crystals as bracelets too. Crystals can support you and bring your chakras into balance. It also helps you get clear on what you want to give and what you want to receive. A beautiful way to balance out your energy. The right side of our body is our divine masculine (what we give) and the left side is our divine feminine (what we receive). I love this because you focus on one thing which cultivates slowness and not doing everything all at once.

Random Acts of Kindness

A great way to raise your vibe quickly is to be of service to others. But I like to leave this one to the end. I think it is important to raise our vibe, increase our mood, focus on filling up our cup and then give to others. When we are giving from a place where our cup is overflowing, we transfer that energy to others and we don’t do it for validation or to receive anything in return. A random act of kindness gets our attention off ‘us’ and our low vibe story and instantly brings it back to being connected with others to which we are a part of something bigger. Call a friend, create a little video shout-out and send to them, write a handwritten letter, send some flowers (or pick them) or just hold space for someone else so they can step into their wholeness. For more practical examples on this check out the Kindness and Gratitude Kit.

Raise your vibration quickly is great and useful, but this is an invitation to use these moments to meet your shadow and unlearn certain habits and thought practices. Instilling these practices into your daily routine will help you maintain a high vibration. Remember it is ok to feel pain too, this is a part of life. So just be mindful not to suppress your emotions or always feel you have to be positive or happy. Sadness, anger, fear are great medicines for us to heal and love all of us completely. It is all a part of the human experience.

love + grace

Jo xx

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