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August 26, 2020

How your energy speaks your truth and 5 ways to start recognising it


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Story and Co is a sacred wellness and spiritual destination which connects & motivates, providing self development, self healing and unlearning. 
Through a journey of remembering shared through story-telling, together, I help you remember You. 
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If you have been following along with my healing journey you may have come across me saying, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Therefore we are all energy. I remember reading something that Deepak Chopra had said about how we all inhale millions of atoms with each breathe and exhale the same, so when you are in the presence of others, we are inhaling the same atoms, these atoms/energy are what makes up our body and physical form. So we are all connected. Which I thought was a comforting way to look at each other. I have recently become very interested in energy, healing it to heal my body, mind and getting closer to my spirit. This has taken on many forms with crystal and chakra meditations and cord cutting as well as being the observer of my experience. It is incredibly freeing to know we can change this energy at anytime and it doesn’t define us.

I now see my human experience as: The Universe is my classroom and others are my assignment.

So a question that I kept asking, was how can my energy speak my truth? How can I recognise this and possibly even change my energy frequencies so others could feel my truth.

I always somewhat believed in this. You know when you meet up with a certain friend and you walk away feeling positive, happy and enlighted, this is energy. Or when you bump into someone and without even saying anything their energy is cold or feels sad. Or someone will say something but something just doesn’t add up with their energy? Their actions don’t really line up with their words? I recently read Gabrielle Burnstein’s book “The Universe has your back” and she mentioned how she did a talk to a room of people who didn’t speak English, her words were being translated by an interpreter. Halfway through the inspirational talk, she asked the audience to take their headphones off and feel her energy whilst she continued to speak in English (the audience could only understand German). Her energy was the translator. Within in minutes she had the crowd, crying, laughing and full of emotion from what she was saying. She ended the talk with everyone having their headphones off and feeling and communicating through their energy.

WOW! I thought, the power of energy is something else.

So during a beautiful meditation and moment of silence at my Uncle’s Farm, a beautiful realization came to me about how emotive and energetic music is. I thought to myself, how can we use music as a way to teach us to understand our energy and spirit and convery that to others.

Being in my energy and letting my energy speak my words for me and letting my energy and presence speak my truth and authenticity, rather than letting my words speak my truth, well not a first anyway. My words are the lyrics to my truth BUT the rhythm and music are my energy and presence (essentially my actions). Allow your music to guide others. Start practising with instruments. Instrumentals are so moving, so emotive and incredibly powerful. They can express love, heartache, happiness, joy, gentleness, sadness and pain. Start here and move others with your instrumentals. When this is solid then match with emotive lyrics. The result is transforming a bit like Garth Brooks song (if you a country music fan like me:).

How do I start with being an instrument or instrumental?

1. Ways we move

  • Are your movements gentle or rushed?
  • Are they compassionate or aggressive?

Bring awareness to your movement and see if this aligns with what your true self and values want to portray.

2. How we speak

  • is it quick or slow?
  • is it understanding and responsive?
  • is it helpful and encouraging?
  • is your tone excitable or calm?
  • is the volume high or low?
  • do you pause and breathe or do your words run into each other?

3. Ways we touch

  • Soft or forceful?
  • Rushed or considerate?
  • Strangling/tight or loose?
  • Supportive or controlling?

4. How we look

  • are you betraying your soul or message with your outfit?
  • is your look relaxed or put together?
  • is it bright or neutral?
  • accepting or subtle?
  • is there texture and depth?
  • is there a story?
  • are the ends blunt or jagged?

5. Ways we smell and taste

These are personal and can’t be experienced by other however what Deepak Chopra suggests is “don’t eat with someone you hate”, so it is your responsibility, are you talking with your music/instrumental? what is your perception? will you choose to hate therefore put your digestion off balance or will you choose to see compassion and empathy for others because they can’t see it for themselves. If you can’t do the latter then maybe don’t sit with them until you can. This goes for people/experiences/community , if you can’t accept all and the energies of others and their conditions, furthermore if you can’t accept yourself being misunderstood then maybe don’t start with your symphony until you learn the instruments more or tune them in first. Then continue with your lyrics.

Please note, there is absolutely no wrong or right answer with these reflections or answers. Your outfit expression is your gift to the world, your expression of voice, touch and movement are beautifully yours, don’t fall into the ego trap of comparison rather use this opportunity to reflect on what your truth is, and how you may already be portraying with your energy. Furthermore, use this time to see if your energy matches what you actually want in this world and if it doesn’t possibly find ways to fine tune it.

If you would like a little guide you can try this with my Mamma and Mini kit.

As always sending you an abundance of Light and Love.

love + grace

Jo xx

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