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July 6, 2020

Seek validation from within not others with my 5:5:5 self-love method


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Story and Co is a sacred wellness and spiritual destination which connects & motivates, providing self development, self healing and unlearning. 
Through a journey of remembering shared through story-telling, together, I help you remember You. 
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I understand that life is busy, whether we wash the mountain of the endless pit of clothes (seriously!), cooking, cleaning, appointments and work and that is not even including all the stuff we do for the kids!

With kids, sometimes just making sure they have a healthy meal & getting them dressed in clean clothes to school in one piece is all we can manage too. 

That is OK. 

So practises of truly loving ourselves usually get put to the bottom of the to-do list, I know that has happened with me. 

So that is why I started the 5:5:5 self love method. If I am honest, I did it for me, it worked and so I wanted to share it with you too. 

What is the 5:5:5 self love method?

Each day dedicating: 

5 minutes of My Happy Book to our kids

5 minutes before bed writing 5 things we did good in the day as the last thing we do before going to sleep. 

That is it!

I bet you and your kids will feel:

✔️More loving thoughts towards yourself 

✔️Have more confidence 

✔️Less stressed

✔️Seeking validation from within rather than from others (a big one for me!)

✔️Empowered and confident to meet any challenge thrown to you

Do for 32 days (that is how many days research suggests we need to do it to bring new beliefs into the subconscious mind), there are a thousand reasons why you can’t start today or will miss a day or two, just ignore these and just get it done. 

Grab yourself a copy of MY HAPPY BOOK now for your kid’s 5 minutes and for your journal Kmart and kikki.K have some great ones.

From one recovering people pleaser to another, you have got this and so do your kids.

love + grace

Jo xx

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