What angel numbers mean, why you are seeing them and how you can use them to get what you desire. By Jo Zammit - Story and Co

April 27, 2021

What angel numbers mean, why you are seeing them and how you can use them to get what you desire. By Jo Zammit


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Do you ever notice you randomly look at your watch and it is 11:11 or your oven shows 12.34 or the receipt of your lunch is $22.22? Well, this isn’t a coincidence, in fact, there are no coincidences, just synchronicities….and there is so much beauty and empowerment in this! 

Once you start seeing this, and become aware of it, you will see them more and more. A few weeks ago, I had 8 number sequences in the one day. The angels were definately reminding me they were with me. 

Before I explain some of the popular meanings behind these number sequences, I want to empower you to ask your angels what they mean for you and your particular situation. Use these as guides but the goal is, for you to use your intuition and discern what the message is. The more you start to see patterns emerge, you will become more confident with this. Have fun with this. I know I do. 

I recently had surgery, and I did a visioning of the entire surgery, everyday, for 30 days leading up to the surgery. I saw myself as I woke in the morning, getting reading, on the operating table, waking up and my recovery. I was very specific with my vision and the feelings, even down to what I would wear, what the kids were wearing and songs that came on the radio in the car on the way. So my “thoughts” would manifest into my reality and give me a positive surgical outcome – which it did! It all aligned and everything I envisioned came to fruition. But throughout this, I kept seeing 888. I wasn’t sure what the meaning of this was but I just went with it throughout my visioning sessions. The day of the surgery, I looked at my watch it was 8.88, in the waiting room before getting wheeled in for surgery on the TV (I couldn’t hear the TV just could see it) but it was a news segment and it was on an apartment block, the number of front of the block was 888, which the TV segment kept to linger on for quite a while. As soon as I woke up after the surgery I heard the doctors saying 8ml, and 88 pulse rate. The days that followed I was seeing 888 all day long. It provided me so much comfort. When I had my children, during the labour, when I was pushing, I only saw the infinity sign (8) and my late mother’s face. This was a reminder that she was here with me and would get me through like she always does. 8 is in my birthday and also is my soul number (it is also my mum’s number too). In numerology and astrology, people with 8 are old souls and very intuitive. I feel this was my mum’s way of connecting us and reminding me of my soul purpose and to continue on. 

It has taken me a lot of practise to get to a point where I can find meaning in numbers, but the first feeling I get is always the right one. 

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My top 3 tips for understanding angel numbers

  1. Keep a journal. Write down patterns l, what you were thinking or doing at the time when you saw the number. See what patterns. Were you doing something positive/joyful (maybe a reminder you are on track & to keep going) or does it appear when pain or negative surrounds (as a warning for you). Where are you? Maybe you are in nature – maybe do more of this? 
  2. Follow guides and popular suggestions until you develop your interpretations – use guides like this or ask friends what certain number combinations mean to them, what feels good and resonates usually is right. Whatever you think of first is usually the answer so go with that. 
  3. Ask your angels: when you see a number combination and have an inkling it may be able something, ask your angels to confirm within 24 hours by showing you the combination again. 

Popular number combination meaning


Reminder that thoughts create your reality. Reassurance or warning.


Good omen for relationships. Seek balance and peace.


Sign of encouragement. Anticipate arrival of good news.


Sign that you’re on the right path. Follow your intuition. Keep going.


Change is coming. Good omen for manifesting. Make room.


Warning of negative thinking. Need to refocus. Return to purpose.


Need for solitude and rest. Take time out and turn inwards.


Powerful manifestation number. Success and progress.


Release what no longer serves you. Something needs to end. Let go of the past.


Stay positive. Reinvent self after hardship. New doorways opening.


Something Near completion. Keep working towards your goal.


Highly spiritual number. Levelling up. Sign of manifestation. Sign of soul alignment.


Angels and guides supporting you. Dream big and trust the universe.


Reminder of your potential. Believe in yourself. Let go.


Find balance. Reminder of karma. Have faith in the universe.

love + grace

Jo xx

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  1. Victoria says:

    So fascinating. I always see 9:11 on my watch and wonder why now I have a little more of an understanding. Thanks Jo!

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